How to use Google Spreadsheet in Addition to my Data?

Create custom dashboards in Google Spreadsheet that retrieves data directly from Odoo using spreadsheet formula. You can use it to create sales commission plans, budgets, project forecasts, etc. Formulas are written in Python but programming skills are not required.


From the General Settings, active Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet. The options Authorization Code and Get Authorization Code are now available.

Enable the Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet features in Odoo

Now, link your Google account with Odoo going to Get Authorization Code ‣ select your Google account ‣ enter your password ‣ copy the code ‣ paste it into the Authorization Code field.

Créer une nouvelle feuille de calcul

From the CRM app, for example, go to Favorites and click on Add to Google Spreadsheet.

From the CRM application, for example, click on add to Google Spreadsheet in Odoo

Une nouvelle feuille de calcul sera automatiquement créée dans votre Google Drive.


When you opening this new file, a second sheet is created automatically by Odoo with a tutorial/documentation on How to use Google Spreadsheet.


You have 2 different formulas of using Google Spreadsheet in Odoo: retrieve data and retrieve grouped sums.


Google Drive limits the execution time of scripts; if the data you requested takes too long to be delivered, you might get an error. There is no specific size limit, since the time for Odoo to respond depends on several factors - although reading data regarding several thousand records is usually fine.

Retrieve Data

La formule théorique est = oe_browse (table;columns;filters;orderby:limit). Utilisez-la si vous souhaitez afficher les informations sans les regrouper (ex: chaque commande client dans la base de données).
Find some the arguments in the table below.
Table with examples of arguments to use in Odoo

Retrieve Grouped Sums

La formule théorique est = oe_read_group (table;columns;group_by;filters;orderby:limit). Utilisez-la lorsque vous souhaitez afficher une somme de données (ex: total facturé).
Trouvez quelques arguments dans le tableau ci-dessous.
Table with examples of grouped sum arguments to use in Odoo

Autres utilisations

Mix Odoo data with spreadsheet data, add traditional formulas, and create Dynamic Tabled and Graphs.