Planning an itinerary

By default, Odoo Field Service shows a static map where all task locations for the day are pinned. To make it more useful for the field service workers, it is possible to display an itinerary on the map using MapBox. To do so, enable the Map Routes feature as follows:

  1. Create or sign in to a MapBox account using the following link:

  2. Create a token.

  3. Go to the Access tokens page on Mapbox and copy your token.

  4. In Odoo, go to the Settings app and scroll down to the Integrations section. Paste your Mapbox access token in the Token field under Map Routes, and click Save.

Displaying your itinerary on a map


For a field service task to be featured on the map, it needs:

  • a Planned Date;

  • a valid address linked to the customer’s profile.

To display your tasks on a map, go to Field Service ‣ My Tasks ‣ Map. To create your itinerary, Odoo sorts out your field service tasks based on their Planned Date to show the way from one location to the next.

To open your itinerary on the Google Maps website or app, click View in Google Maps. Google Maps includes your current location as a starting point for your itinerary.


  • By default, the map shows today’s tasks. Remove the Today filter in the search bar to display all tasks. Your tasks are then sorted by date in the left column.

  • Click your task in the left column or the map pin to display the task’s details. From there, you can Open the task or click Navigate to to get an itinerary from your current location to this specific task’s location.