At confirmation reservation

The at confirmation reservation method reserves products only when a sales order (SO) is confirmed, and if enough stock of the products included in the SO is already available.


To set the reservation method to at confirmation, navigate to Inventory app ‣ Configuration ‣ Operations Types. Then, select the desired Operation Type to configure, or create a new one by clicking New.

In the General tab on the operation type form, locate the Reservation Method field, and select At Confirmation.

Reservation method field on delivery order operation type form.


To see the at confirmation reservation method in action, create a new SO by navigating to Sales app ‣ New.

Add a customer in the Customer field. Then, in the Order Lines tab, click Add a product, and select a product to add to the quotation from the drop-down menu. Finally, in the Quantity column, adjust the desired quantity of the product to sell.

Once ready, click Confirm to confirm the sales order.

Click the 📈 (area graph) icon on the product line to reveal the product’s Availability tooltip, which reveals the Reserved number of units for this order.


If there is not sufficient quantity of stock for the product included in the SO, the 📈 (area graph) icon is red, instead of green.

Instead of revealing the reserved number of units for the order, the Availability tooltip reads Available, and reveals the available number of units (e.g., 0 Units).

Confirmed sales order with product availability tooltip selected.

Forecasted Report

To see all the factors that affect product reservation, click the View Forecast internal link arrow to view the Forecasted Report dashboard.

The Forecasted Report displays forecast information about the product(s) included in the sales order; namely, any live receipts of the product, and any active sales orders, which are listed in the Used By column. See how each order is fulfilled in the Replenishment column.

Additionally, the Forecasted quantity is calculated at the top of the page, by adding the On Hand and Incoming quantity, and subtracting the Outgoing quantity, as shown below:

Forecasted quantity equation from the Forecasted Report page.

If one order should be prioritized over another order, click the Unreserve button on the corresponding order line in the Replenishment column.

To deliver the products, click the Delivery smart button at the top of the sales order form. To confirm that the reservation worked properly, ensure that the Product Availability field reads Available (in green text), and the numbers in the Demand and Quantity columns match (in this case, both should read 100.00).

Delivery order for product included in sales order with at confirmation reservation.

Once ready, click Validate.