Neutralized database

A neutralized database is a non-production database on which several parameters are deactivated. This enables one to carry out tests without the risk of launching specific automated processes that could impact production data (e.g., sending emails to customers). Live access is removed and turned into a testing environment.


Any testing database created is a neutralized database:

  • testing backup databases

  • duplicate databases

  • for staging and development databases


A database can also be neutralized when upgrading, as it is vital to do some tests before switching to a new version.

Deactivated features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the deactivated parameters:

  • all planned actions (e.g., automatic invoicing of subscriptions, mass mailing, etc.)

  • outgoing emails

  • bank synchronization

  • payment providers

  • delivery methods

  • IAP tokens


A red banner at the top of the screen is displayed on the neutralized database so that it can be seen immediately.