Enrich contacts with partner autocomplete

Partner autocomplete enriches the contacts database with corporate data. In any module, enter the new company name into the Customer field (partner_id technical field), and select one of the companies suggested in the drop-down menu. Instantly get valuable company information full of hard-to-find data for a desired company.


A company cannot already be manually entered in the Contacts application prior to enriching it with data.

The information provided by partner autocomplete can include general information about the business (including full business name and logo), social media accounts, Company type, Founded information, Sectors information, the number of Employees, Estimated revenue, Phone number, Timezone, and Technologies Used.


When getting a company’s contact information make sure to be aware of the latest EU regulations. For more information about General Data Protection Regulation refer to: Odoo GDPR. In Odoo, individual contact information cannot be searched for with the partner autocomplete feature.


Go to Settings app ‣ Contacts section. Then, activate the Partner Autocomplete feature, by ticking the checkbox beside it, and clicking Save.

View of settings page and the activations of the feature in Odoo.

Enrich contacts with corporate data

From any module, as the user is typing in the name of a new company contact, Odoo reveals a large drop-down menu of potential match suggestions. If any are selected, the contact is then populated with corporate data related to that specific selection.

For example, after typing Odoo, the following information populates:

Creating a new contact in Odoo

In the chatter, the following information populates about the company, after clicking on the desired pre-populated contact:

View of the information being shown about odoo with the autocomplete option in Odoo


Partner Autocomplete also works if a VAT number is entered instead of company name.


Partner Autocomplete is an In-App Purchase (IAP) service, which requires prepaid credits to be used. Each request consumes one credit.

To buy credits, go to Settings app ‣ Contacts section. Then, locate either the Partner Autocomplete feature and click Buy credits, or locate the Odoo IAP feature and click View My Services. From the resulting page, select a desired package.


If the database runs out of credits, the only information populated when clicking on the suggested company will be the website link and the logo.

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Enterprise Odoo users with a valid subscription get free credits to test IAP features before deciding to purchase more credits for the database. This includes demo/training databases, educational databases, and one-app-free databases.