Synchronize Google calendar with Odoo

Synchronize Google Calendar with Odoo to see and manage meetings from both platforms (updates go in both directions). This integration helps organize schedules, so a meeting is never missed.

Setup in Google

Select (or create) a project

Create a new Google API project and enable the Google Calendar API. First, go to the Google API Console and log into the Google account.


If this is the first time visiting this page, Google will prompt the user to enter a country and agree to the Terms of Service. Select a country from the drop-down list and agree to the ToS.

Next, click Select a project and select (or create) an API project to configure OAuth in, and store credentials. Click New Project.

Create a new API project to store credentials.


Give the API Project a clear name, like “Odoo Sync”, so it can be easily identified.

Enable Google calendar API

Now, click on Enabled APIs and Services in the left menu. Select Enabled APIs and Services again if the Search bar doesn’t appear.

Enable APIs and Services on the API Project.

After that, search for Google Calendar API using the search bar and select Google Calendar API from the search results. Click Enable.

Enable the Google Calendar API.

Create credentials

The Client ID and the Client Secret are both needed to connect Google Calendar to Odoo. This is the last step in the Google console. Begin by clicking Credentials in the left menu. Then, click Create Credentials, and select OAuth client ID, Google will open a guide to create credentials.

Under Create OAuth Client ID, select Website application for the Application Type field, and type My Odoo Database for the Name.

  • Under the Authorized JavaScript Origins section, click + Add URI and type the company’s Odoo full URL address.

  • Under the Authorized redirect URIs section, click + Add URI and type the company’s Odoo URL address followed by /google_account/authentication. Finally, click Create.

Add the authorized JavaScript origins and the authorized redirect URIs.

A Client ID and Client Secret will appear, copy these to a notepad.

Setup in Odoo

Once the Client ID and the Client Secret are located, open the Odoo database and go to Settings ‣ General Settings ‣ Integrations ‣ Google Calendar. Check the box next to Google Calendar.

The Google Calendar checkbox in General Settings.

Next, copy and paste the Client ID and the Client Secret from the Google Calendar API credentials page into their respective fields below the Google Calendar checkbox. Then, click Save.

Sync calendar in Odoo

Finally, open the Calendar app in Odoo and click on the Google sync button to sync Google Calendar with Odoo.

Click the Google sync button in Odoo Calendar to sync Google Calendar with Odoo.


When syncing Google Calendar with Odoo for the first time, the page will redirect to the Google Account. From there, select the Email Account that should have access, then select Continue (should the app be unverifed), and finally select Continue (to give permission for the transfer of data)`.

Give Odoo permission to access Google Calendar.

Now, Odoo Calendar is successfully synced with Google Calendar!


Odoo highly recommends testing the Google calendar synchronization on a test database and a test email address (that is not used for any other purpose) before attempting to sync the desired Google Calendar with the user’s production database.

Once a user synchronizes their Google calendar with the Odoo calendar:

  • Creating an event in Odoo causes Google to send an invitation to all event attendees.

  • Deleting an event in Odoo causes Google to send a cancellation to all event attendees.

  • Adding a contact to an event causes Google to send an invitation to all event attendees.

  • Removing a contact from an event causes Google to send a cancellation to all event attendees.

Events can be created in Google Calendar without sending a notification by selecting Don’t Send when prompted to send invitation emails.

Troubleshoot sync

There may be times when the Google Calendar account does not sync correctly with Odoo. Sync issues can be seen in the database logs.

In these cases, the account needs troubleshooting. A reset can be performed using the Reset Account button, which can be accessed by navigating to Settings app ‣ Manage Users. Then, select the user to modify the calendar, and click the Calendar tab.

Reset buttons highlighted on the calendar tab of the user.

Next, click Reset Account under the correct calendar.

Reset options

The following reset options are available for troubleshooting Google calendar sync with Odoo:

Google calendar reset options in Odoo.

User’s Existing Events:

  • Leave them untouched: no changes to the events.

  • Delete from the current Google Calendar account: delete the events from Google Calendar.

  • Delete from Odoo: delete the events from the Odoo calendar.

  • Delete from both: delete the events from both Google Calendar and Odoo calendar.

Next Synchronization:

  • Synchronize only new events: sync new events on Google Calendar and/or Odoo calendar.

  • Synchronize all existing events: sync all events on Google Calendar and/or Odoo calendar.

Click Confirm after making the selection to modify the user’s events and the calendar synchronization.

Google OAuth FAQ

At times there can be misconfigurations that take place, and troubleshooting is needed to resolve the issue. Below are the most common errors that may occur when configuring the Google Calendar for use with Odoo.

Production vs. testing publishing status

Choosing Production as the Publishing Status (instead of Testing) displays the following warning message:

OAuth is limited to 100 sensitive scope logins until the OAuth consent screen is verified. This may require a verification process that can take several days.

To correct this warning, navigate to the Google API Platform. If the Publishing Status is In Production, click Back to Testing to correct the issue.

No test users added

If no test users are added to the OAuth consent screen, then an Error 403: access_denied populates.

403 Access Denied Error.

To correct this error, return to the OAuth consent screen, under APIs & Services, and add test users to the app. Add the email to be configured in Odoo.

Application Type

When creating the credentials (OAuth Client ID and Client Secret), if Desktop App is selected for the Application Type, an Authorization Error appears (Error 400:redirect_uri_mismatch).

Error 400 Redirect URI Mismatch.

To correct this error, delete the existing credentials, and create new credentials, by selecting Web Application for the Application Type.

Then, under Authorized redirect URIs, click ADD URI, and type: in the field, being sure to replace yourdbname in the URL with the real Odoo database name.


Ensure that the domain (used in the URI: is the exact same domain as configured in the web.base.url system parameter.

Access the web.base.url by activating developer mode, and navigating to Settings app ‣ Technical header menu ‣ Parameters section ‣ System Parameters.