Add PayNow QR codes to invoices

PayNow is a payment service platform that allows customers to make instant domestic payments to individuals and merchants in Singapore dollars via online and mobile banking.

Activate QR codes

Go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings. Under the Customer Payments section, activate the QR Codes feature.

PayNow bank account configuration

Go to Contacts ‣ Configuration ‣ Bank Accounts and select the bank account for which you want to activate PayNow. Set the Proxy Type and fill in the Proxy Value field depending on the type you chose.


  • The account holder’s country must be set to Singapore on its contact form.

  • You could also include the invoice number in the QR code by checking the Include Reference checkbox.

PayNow bank account configuration

Bank journal configuration

Go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Journals, open the bank journal, then fill out the Account Number and Bank under the Journal Entries tab.

Bank Account's journal configuration

Issue invoices with PayNow QR codes

When creating a new invoice, open the Other Info tab and set the Payment QR-code option to EMV Merchant-Presented QR-code.

Select EMV Merchant-Presented QR-code option

Ensure that the Recipient Bank is the one you configured, as Odoo uses this field to generate the PayNow QR code.

Employment Hero payroll

If your business is already up and running with Employment Hero, you can use our connector as an alternative payroll solution.


To configure the Employment Hero API for Singapore, use the following value as Payroll URL: