Manage sales teams

The Sales Teams feature within Odoo’s CRM app allows for the creation and management of multiple sales teams, each with their own assignment rules, invoicing targets, and roster of salespeople.

Create a sales team

To create a new sales team, go to CRM app ‣ Configuration ‣ Sales Teams, then click New.

On the blank sales team form, enter a name in the Sales Team field.

Next, select a Team Leader from the drop-down list.

Set an Email Alias to automatically generate a lead/opportunity for this sales team whenever a message is sent to that unique email address. Choose whether to accept emails from Everyone, Authenticated Partners, Followers Only, or Authenticated Employees.

Select a Company from the drop-down menu to assign this team to.


The Company field is only visible in multi-company databases, and is not required.

The settings page for a new sales team.


If the Sales app is installed on the database, an Invoicing Target field appears on the sales team form. This is the revenue target for the current month. The amount entered in this field is used to populate the invoicing progress bar on the sales team dashboard.

Add sales team members

To add team members, click Add under the Members tab when editing the sales team’s configuration page. This opens a Create Sales Team Members pop-up window.


If the Rule-Based Assignment feature has not been enabled on the CRM app’s Settings page, clicking Add under the Members tab opens an Add: Salespersons pop-up window. Tick the checkbox to the far-left of the salesperson to be added to the team, then click Select.

The Add: Salespersons pop-up window on a new sales team.

Select a user from the Salesperson drop-down list to add them to the team. To prevent this salesperson from being automatically assigned leads, tick the Skip auto assignment checkbox. If this feature is activated, the salesperson can still be assigned leads manually.

The Create Sales Team Members pop-up window.

The Leads (30 days) field tracks how many leads the salesperson has been assigned in the past thirty days for this team, and the maximum number of leads they should be assigned. To edit the maximum number of leads this salesperson can be assigned, enter that amount in the Leads (30 days) field.


Assignment rules can be configured for individual salespeople using the Domain section.

Click Save & Close when finished, or Save & New to add additional members.

Enable multi teams

To allow salespeople to be assigned to more than one sales team, the Multi Teams setting needs to be enabled. First, navigate to CRM app ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings. Under the CRM section, tick the checkbox labeled Multi Teams. Then, click Save at the top-left of the page.

The settings page of the CRM app with the Multi Teams setting enabled.

Sales team dashboard

To view the sales team dashboard, go to CRM app ‣ Sales ‣ Teams. Any team the user is a member of appears in the dashboard.

The sales team dashboard in the CRM app.

Each Kanban card gives an overview of the sales team’s open opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and expected revenue, as well as a bar graph of new opportunities per week, and an invoicing progress bar.

Click the Pipeline button to go directly to that team’s CRM pipeline.

Click on the (vertical ellipsis) icon in the top-right corner of the Kanban card to open a drop-down menu. Then, to view or edit the team’s settings, click Configuration.