The Features building blocks allow you to list multiple items next to each other.

The Table of Content and the Call to Action blocks are presented below.


To add a building block, click Edit, select the desired building block under the Blocks tab, and drag and drop it onto the page. To access its settings, click it and go to the Customize tab, where the available options depend on the type of block selected.

Table of content

The Table of Content block is used to list many different items grouped under several headings. A clickable index is available to navigate quickly between the different categories.

The default Table of Content block

Call to action

The Call to Action block is used to prompt visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or contacting you.

The default Call to Action block

To change the button’s link, select it, go to the Customize tab’s Inline Text section and replace /contactus with another URL.