Online signatures for order confirmations

The Odoo Sales application provides customers with the ability to confirm orders, via an online signature, directly on the sales order. Once the sales order is electronically signed by the customer, the salesperson attached to the sales order is instantly notified that the order is confirmed.

Activate online signatures

In order to have customers confirm orders with an online signature, the Online Signature feature must be activated.

To activate the Online Signature feature, go to Sales app ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, scroll to the Quotations & Orders heading, and activate the Online Signature feature by checking the box beside it.

The Online Signature feature option in the Settings of the Odoo Sales application.

Then, click the Save button in the top-left corner.


When making a quotation template, the online signature feature is the Signature option, located in the Online confirmation field of the quotation template form.

The Online confirmation signature option found on every quotation template in Odoo.

On standard quotations, the online signature feature is the Signature option, located under the Other Info tab of the quotation form.

The online signature feature option in the Other Info tab of a quotation form in Odoo.

Order confirmations with online signatures

When clients access quotations online through their customer portal, there’s a Sign & Pay button directly on the quotation.

The Sign and Pay button present on online quotations in Odoo Sales.

When clicked, a Validate Order pop-up window appears. In this pop-up window, the Full Name field is auto-populated, based on the contact information in the database.

The Validate Order pop-up window for online signatures in Odoo Sales.

Then, customers have the option to enter an online signature with any of the following options: Auto, Draw, or Load.

Auto lets Odoo automatically generate an online signature based on the information in the Full Name field. Draw lets the customer use the cursor to create a custom signature directly on the pop-up window. And Load lets the customer upload a previously-created signature file from their computer.

After the customer has chosen any of the three previously mentioned signature options (Auto, Draw, or Load), they will click the Accept & Sign button.

When Accept & Sign is clicked, the various payment method options become available for them to choose from (if the online payment option applies to this quotation).

Then, when the quotation is paid and confirmed, a delivery order is automatically created (if the Odoo Inventory app is installed).