Authorize.Net is a United States-based online payment solution provider, allowing businesses to accept credit cards.

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This Payment Acquirer offers additional options that are not available for other Payment Acquirers, such as the ability to process your customer’s payment after delivery.

Authorize.Net account

If not done yet, choose a plan and Sign Up for an Authorize.Net account.

Odoo needs your API Credentials & Keys to connect with your Authorize.Net account, which comprise:

  • API-aanmeldings-ID

  • Transaction Key

  • Signature Key

To retrieve them, log into your Authorize.Net account, go to Account ‣ Security Settings ‣ General Security Settings ‣ API Credentials & Keys, and generate your Transaction Key and Signature Key.

Generate your Transaction Key and Signature Key on your Authorize.Net account

Payment Acquirer Configuration

To configure Authorize.Net as Payment Acquirer in Odoo, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Payment Acquirers, open Authorize.Net, and change the State to Enabled. Don’t forget to click on Save once you’ve set everything up.


Please refer to the Payment Acquirers documentation to read how to configure this payment acquirer.


Copy your credentials from your Authorize.Net account (API Login Id, API Transaction Key, and API Signature Key), paste them in the related fields under the Credentials tab, then click on Generate Client Key.


The API Client Key is necessary only if you select Payment from Odoo option as Payment Flow.


If you are trying Authorize.Net as a test, with a sandbox account, change the State to Test Mode. We recommend doing this on a test Odoo database, rather than on your main database.

If you set Test Mode on Odoo and use an account instead of a account, it results in the following error: The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.

Betaal flow

The Payment Flow lets you decide if to redirect the user to the payment acquirer’s portal to authenticate the payment, or if to stay on the current page and authenticate the payment from Odoo. This field is under the Configuration tab.

If you select Redirection to the acquirer website, make sure you add a Default Receipt URL and a Default Relay Response URL to your account.

To do so, log into your Authorize.Net account, go to Account ‣ Transaction Format Settings ‣ Transaction Response Settings ‣ Response/Receipt URLs, and set the default links:

  • Default Receipt URL:
  • Default Relay Response URL:


Failing to complete this step results in the following error:
The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid.

Ontvang de betaling na de levering

The Capture Amount Manually field is under the Configuration tab. If enabled, the funds are reserved for 30 days on the customer’s card, but not charged yet.

Authorize.Net Configuration tab on Odoo

To capture the payment, go to the related Sales Order and click on Capture Transaction. If the order is canceled, you can click on Void Transaction to unlock the funds from the customer’s card.

Hold the credit card payment until you capture or revoke it on Odoo


After 30 days, the transaction is voided automatically by


With other payment acquirers, you can manage the capture in their own interfaces, not from Odoo.