Selling Tickets

If you automate processes, you save time. If you give attendees multiple payment options to choose from, you allow flexibility and open margins for more registrations to happen.


Go to Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Tickets and Online Ticketing.
Tickets allow tickets to be sold Through Sales Orders. Online Ticketing allows the sale of tickets to happen Through the Website.
View of the settings page for Odoo Events

Through Sales Orders

On the Sales application, choose the event product you created and add it as a product line. A window pops-up, allowing you to choose the event for which you want to create the sales order.

View of a sales order and the option to choose the event as the product line in Odoo Events


Remember to create a product form for the event registration, under Product, in the Sales application, and to add that same product under your event’s form.

View of an event form highlighting the column product under the tab tickets in Odoo Events

Through the Website

On the website, once tickets are added to the cart, the user can continue the transaction choosing among the payment methods you chose to have available.

View of website transaction for Odoo Events