Track your Attendees

Attendees are at the heart of your event. Keeping track of their number and managing their registration and attendance is necessary for planning and analyzing reasons.

Attendees list and attendance

Once attendees have registered or bought their tickets, they are added to the Attendees list.
Tickets sold through sales orders validate attendees as soon as the quotation is confirmed.
Overview of events with the kanban view in Odoo Events

The check mark button is used to confirm the registration. Once a registration is confirmed, attendance can be marked.

Overview of events with the kanban view in Odoo Events

Bagdes and cancellations

On the attendees form, choose to send badges manually by clicking on Send By Email. Cancel Registration to have that attendee being moved to the Cancelled stage.

View of an attendee form emphasizing the send by email and cancel registration in Odoo Events

To see a list of your canceled attendees, under Filters, add a Custom Filter choosing Status > is > Cancelled.

View of a list of the canceled attendees using the filters in Odoo Events