Time and Randomize Questions


On timed surveys, respondents need to complete the survey within a certain period of time. It can be used to ensure that all respondents get the same amount of time to find the answers, or to decrease the chance of having them looking at external resources.
Set the Time limit under the tab Options.
View of a survey form emphasizing the time limit feature in Odoo Surveys

A timer is shown on the pages so the user can keep track of the remaining time. Surveys not submitted by the Time limit do not have their answers saved.


When you randomize a survey, you allow for the questions to be shuffled in a random order every time someone opens the questionnaire. This can be useful to avoid having respondents looking at each others’ answers.
To do so, under the tab Options, enable Randomized per section. Now, under the tab Questions, set how many of the questions in that section should be taken into account during the shuffling.
View of a survey form emphasizing the random questions count column in Odoo Surveys

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