Install the Amazon Connector Authentication Update

Starting July 2020, the Amazon Connector requires the use of a new authentication method that makes it easier for you to set up the Connector.

Prior to the update, Odoo customers who wished to use the Amazon Connector had to apply to get developer credentials through Amazon, which was a painful and long process that could take weeks. This method of authentication is still technically possible, but Amazon will refuse to provide developer credentials for Odoo customers from July 2020 onwards and will deactivate such credentials for existing customers.

This documentation will help you install the update and use the new authentication flow.

Note that if your Odoo database was first created after the update was released, the update module is installed automatically. You can check if this module is already installed by going to the Apps menu, removing the Apps search facet and search for amazon. If the module Amazon/Authentication Patch is present and marked as installed, your Odoo database is already up-to-date and you can proceed with the setup step of the Amazon Connector.

Update Odoo to the latest release

The new authentication mechanism is made available through a new Odoo module; to be able to install it, you must make sure that your Odoo source code is up-to-date.

If you use Odoo on or platform, your code is already up-to-date and you can proceed to the next step.

If you use Odoo with an on-premise setup or through a partner, then you must update your installation as detailed in this documentation page or by contacting your integrating partner.

Update the list of available modules

New modules must be discovered by your Odoo instance to be available in the Apps menu.

To do so, activate the developer mode, and go to Apps ‣ Update Apps List. A wizard will ask for confirmation.

Install the Amazon/Authentication Patch


You should never install new modules in your production database without testing them in a duplicate or staging environment. For customers, a duplicate database can be created from the database management page as explained in this documentation page. For users, you should use a staging or duplicate database. For on-premise users, you should use a staging environment - you should contact your integrating partner for more information regarding how to test a new module in your particular setup.

The module should now be available in your Apps menu. Remove the Apps search facet and search for amazon; the module Amazon/Authentication Patch should be available for installation. If you cannot find the module after having updated the list of available modules, it means your Odoo source code is not up-to-date; refer to step one of this page.


Once the module is installed, you will need to generate an Authorization Token in Amazon Seller Central and set it up on your Amazon Account in Odoo; this process is detailed in the setup page.