Advanced Project Settings

Projects can be created for a specific customer or team, and can be coordinated among your employees through visibility options. Stages can be shared among tasks, and the exact time spent on each project can be tracked. All of it in favor of a more integrated and dynamic organization.

Create advanced projects

Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Projects ‣ Create.
Choose a Customer in order to create a project specifically for him. If not, simply leave the field blank.
Click on create and enable multiple options for an advanced project in Odoo Project

Choose who can access a project

To create a project for specific teams, under Visibility, choose who can have access to the project:

  • Invited employees: the ones who are followers (see Collaborate on Tasks)

  • All employees.

  • Portal users and all employees: it enables the option Share. Recipients receive an email with an invitation to access the document (project).

Choose an Analytic Account to track the profitability of your project in a specific account.

Timesheet and record time on tasks

To track the time spent on tasks, enable Timesheets.
In order to be able to launch a timer, also enable Timesheet timer.
Tab timesheet is being shown under a task in Odoo Project

Create sales orders from a task

To invoice the time (service) and material used on a task, enable Bill from tasks. Then, choose the service/product which you would like to bill, or create one on the fly.

Menu create sales order is being shown under a task in Odoo Project

Track the material used on a task

After enabling Bill from Tasks, enable Products on Tasks to track the products/material used during the work on a specific task.

Menu to add products is being shown under a task in Odoo Project

Take advantage of worksheets

Worksheets are reports of the work done. To customize and include them in your tasks, enable Worksheets. Choose an existing template or create one on the fly.

Options worksheet and send report being shown under a task in Odoo Project

Schedule shifts on projects

To create shifts to manage your tasks, assign employees, and stay organized, enable Planning.

Shortcut to planning from the dashboard in Odoo Project Planning view from a project in Odoo Project

Manage employees work hours

Working time defines the number of your employees’ working hours. It adjusts the Gantt planning view of your interventions. Open the external link to adjust the daily hours.

Edit the working hours from Odoo Project

Share stages across projects

In order to have a clean Kanban view that works across projects, and to avoid duplicates, delineate specific stages for different projects.
Activate the developer mode then go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Stages. Choose the respective one and add the projects among which you would like to share stages.
Open a stage and choose the projects to share it with in Odoo Project