Manage Call for Tender

A Call for Tender is a special procedure to request offers from multiple vendors to obtain the most interesting price.


For this feature to work, go to Purchases ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Purchase Agreements feature.


Create a Call for Tender

To use this feature go to Purchases ‣ Purchase Agreements.

Create a new purchase agreement, access the Agreement Type drop down menu and select Call for Tender.

When you are satisfied with your purchase agreement, confirm it will move from Draft to Confirmed and a new RFQs/Orders appeared in the top right corner of the document.


Request new quotations from the Call for Tender

From the Call for Tender, Odoo will auto-fill the RFQ with the product(s) from your Call for Tender.

Select the best offer

The various RFQs and orders linked to the Call for Tenders will be under the RFQs/Orders button where you can select and confirm the best offer.


Close the Call for Tender

Once you’re done with your Call for Tender don’t forget to close it.