Connecting an Adyen payment terminal allows you to offer a fluid payment flow to your customers and ease the work of your cashiers.


Start by creating your Adyen account on Adyen’s website. Then, board your terminal following the steps described on your terminal’s screen.

Configure the payment method

First, go to Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Payment Terminals, and enable Adyen. Then, go to Configuration ‣ Payment Methods and create a new payment method. Select Adyen in the Use a Payment Terminal field.


The selected journal must be a bank journal for the Use a payment terminal field to appear.

Finally, fill the mandatory fields with an Adyen API key, and an Adyen Terminal Identifier.

Generate an Adyen API key

The Adyen API key is a key used to authenticate your requests. To generate an API key, go to your Adyen account.

Then, go to Developers ‣ API credentials. Create a new credential or click on an existing one.

Click on Generate an API key and copy-paste that key onto the Odoo mandatory field.

Locate the Adyen terminal identifier

The Adyen Terminal Identifier is your terminal’s serial number, which is used to identify the hardware.

To find this number, go to your Adyen account. Then, go to Point of Sale ‣ Terminals, select the terminal to link, and copy-paste its serial number onto the Odoo mandatory field.

Add a new payment method

To add a new payment method to a point of sale, go to Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of Sale. Then, select the POS and go to Payments ‣ Payment Methods, and add your new method for Adyen.

Pay with a payment terminal

When processing a payment, select Adyen as the payment method. Check the amount and click on Send. Once the payment is successful, the status changes to Payment Successful.


  • In case of connexion issues between Odoo and the payment terminal, force the payment by clicking on Force Done, which allows you to validate the order.
    This option is only available after receiving an error message informing you that the connection failed.
  • To cancel the payment request, click on cancel.