Get Started with Timesheets

When you use timesheets (from any device, anywhere) to track the time spent on tasks, you are able to bill customers for the exact right amount they should be billed. In addition to it, add a description of the work done to have a reliable tracking and history, and compare the forecasted times, all in favor of becoming a more proactive company.

Choose an encoding unit

Under Timesheets ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, choose the unit of measure to register your timesheet. This provides tools and widgets to help you encoding.
Minimal duration is the minimum time at which a task is recorded, when using the timer.
Rounding up times up or down to the nearest minutes or hours, when using the timer. For example: if the interval is set to 30min, a 14min entry shows up in reports as 0min, and a 29min entry as 30min.
Set the time unit used to record your timesheets in Odoo Timesheets application


Reportings are expressed in hours, the default value.

Create a task from a SO & timesheet on it

Under the General Settings of your product, categorize it as a service.
On the Sales tab, (section Sales Invoicing Policy) choose if you want to invoice customers based on the quantity previous ordered (the one sent on a quotation, for instance), on the time recorded (while the service was being executed), or by manually adding the time spent when creating the invoice.
Chose the right Service Tracking for you and, from now on, when a sales order is confirmed, Odoo automatically creates a task/project (if that was the chosen option) and allows you to timesheet on it.
Choose the invoicing options under a product form in Odoo Timesheets application

Choose an Invoicing Policy

Go to Timesheets ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and choose if you want the recorded time to be directly invoiced, or if it should be approved first.

Choose how to invoice the recorded times in Odoo Timesheets application

Send reminders

Choose to have an automatic email being sent to all users and managers who have not recorded their times.
Go to Timesheets ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and enable the Employee Reminder and Manager Reminder features.
Activate timesheet reminders for managers and employees in Odoo Timesheets application


Odoo Timesheets continues to run even if there is no internet connection. The data syncs once you are back online.