Get Started with Tasks

Break down a project by creating, assigning and organizing tasks. Set priorities to help you determine where you want to invest your time first, manage files within it and keep everything you need to complete your work in one place. Ensure that your strategies are turned into actionable plans and, as a result, have a successful project.

Create a task

Click on Create. Once created, add more details opening it and clicking on Edit.

Click on create under a project to initiate a task in Odoo Project


Choose the responsible person for a task under Assigned to.

Choosing the responsible person for the task in Odoo Project

Sort tasks by priority

Mark the star on your task to set it as a high priority one. That automatically moves the task to the top of the column. Tasks that are not starred are classified according to their deadlines.
Note that tasks with dates passed their deadlines are shown in red; tasks with a deadline for the current date are orange.
Tasks prioritized are shown first in the list in Odoo Project

Manage files in tasks

Add images/documents to your task by clicking on the Attachment icon.

Click on the attachment icon to manage files in Odoo Project


Files from emails are automatically saved.

Set cover images in tasks

Use Set Cover Image to your task and quickly get to comprehend what the task is about. The image is directly shown in the Kanban view.

Click on the drop down menu and set a cover image in Odoo Project

Choose how to visualize tasks

Tasks can be managed and followed up in the Kanban view, which is a post-it kind of view divided into different stages. More options are otherwise available.

Overview of the kanban view in Odoo Project

Drag and drop tasks to change their stage and define colors to help you identify them.

Choose a color to identify your task in Odoo Project