Using Pricelists in Point of Sale

You probably know the concept of happy hour: during a certain period of time, the barman gives a discount on some drinks (usually 50% off or a buy one get one free). When the period is over, prices go back to normal. But how does that relate with Odoo?

In Odoo, you can set up happy hours. It’s one of the many possible uses of Pricelists. Those Pricelists allow the creation of multiple prices for the same product: a regular one and a special one for happy hours. Available in the PoS app, those are really convenient.

Set up Pricelists

To set up a Pricelist, go to Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Configuration and enable the Pricelist feature. Then, go to Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of Sale and enable Pricelist for the PoS.


Now, you can create Pricelists by clicking on the Pricelists link. Then, set it up by choosing the product category you want to include in your happy hour and the discount.


Go back to your PoS settings and add the Happy Hour pricelist to the list. You can even choose a default pricelist if needed.


From now on, on the PoS interface, a new button is available, allowing you to choose among the different pricelists you added before.