Create Bills of Materials

A Bill of Materials is a document defining the quantity of each component required to manufacture a finished product. It also includes the routing and individual steps of the manufacturing process.

With Odoo, you can link multiple BoMs to each product and use it to describe multiple variants of them. Each BoM will, yet, be associated with one product only.

This feature will help optimize your manufacturing process while saving you time.

Setting up a BoM

You can use BoMs without routings. You will use this if you choose to manage your manufacturing operations using manufacturing orders only. In other words, you choose to realize your manufacturing process in one step and do not track the steps the product goes through.

Before creating your BoM, you have to create the product using the BoM and, at least, one of the components. Go to the Master Data menu ‣ Products and create both the finished product and the component.

Once done, go to the Bills of Materials menu under Master Data. Now, create it. Choose the product from the dropdown menu and add your components and the quantity. In this case, keep the default BoM type, which is Manufacture this Product.



The destination location should not be a scrap location. A scrap location is where you put products that you don’t need.

Using the same BoM to describe Variants

As said above, you can use BoM for Product Variants. It is basically the same as for the standard product.

If your BoM is for one variant only, then specify which one in the Product Variant field. If not, specify the variant it is consumed for on each component line. You can add several variants for each component.


Adding a routing

You can add routing to your BoM. You will do this if you need to define a series of operations required by your manufacturing process. To use it, enable the Work Orders feature in the Manufacturing app settings.



Each BoM can have only one routing while each routing can be used multiple times.

Now that you have created your routing, add it to your BoM. You can select when, in the work operations, your components are consumed with the dropdown menu.


Adding By-Products

In Odoo, a by-product is any product produced by a BoM in addition to the primary product.

To add by-products to a BoM, you will first need to enable them from the Manufacturing app settings.


Once the feature is enabled, you can add your By-Products to your BoMs. You can add as many By-Products as you want. Just keep in mind that you need to register during which operation your by-product is produced.