Sign in with LDAP

  • Install the LDAP module in General Settings.

  • Click on Create in Setup your LDAP Server.

../../../_images/ldap01.png ../../../_images/ldap02.png
  • Choose the company about to use the LDAP.

  • In Server Information, enter the IP address of your server and the port it listens to.

  • Tick User TLS if your server is compatible.

  • In Login Information, enter ID and password of the account used to query the server. If left empty, the server will be queried anonymously.

  • In Process Parameter, enter the domain name of your LDAP server in LDAP nomenclature (e.g. dc=example,dc=com).

  • In LDAP filter, enter uid=%s

  • In User Information, tick Create User if you want Odoo to create a User profile the first time someone log in with LDAP.

  • In Template User, indicate a template for the new profiles created. If left blanked, the admin profile will be used as template.