Connecting to my Marketplace with Campaigns

Whether your goal is to sell a new product, explain the value of your services or advertise your event, a campaign helps you to connect with your marketplace. They normally involve multiple channels, so it is fundamental to have a solution with which you can plan, execute, track, and analyze your content.

Go to Social Marketing ‣ Campaigns ‣ Create.

Click on create to start a campaign in Odoo Social Marketing

As you create content, tabs for that specific channel are shown. The overview of the campaign displays global metrics such as:

  • Revenue: number of users who, from a link in your content, finished a transaction (paid).

  • Quotations: number of users who, from a link in your content, have started but not finished a transaction (did not pay).

  • Leads: users who have filled out your contact form, from a link in your content.


To be able to Send New Mailing, make sure the feature is enabled in the Email Marketing application, under Email Marketing ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings. To be able to Send SMS, the SMS Marketing application must be installed on your database.


Social Marketing works integrated with other applications such as Sales, Invoicing, CRM and Website.