Don’t run out of stock thanks to Reordering Rules

To make sure you never run out of stock, you might want to define Reordering Rules on products. Thanks to reordering rules, Odoo will help you to replenish your stock when it reaches a minimum stock level.

Set a reordering rule

Open a stockable product, you’ll find the Reordering Rules tab.


You can also access all your reordering rules from Inventory ‣ Master Data ‣ Reordering Rules.


Once in the next menu, you can create the reordering rules linked to your product. From now on, every time this product reaches the minimum quantity it will replenish your stock to your maximum quantity.



The replenishments will take place when the scheduler in the Inventory module runs. By default in Odoo, the schedulers will run every night at 12:00PM.

See also: Configure and Run Schedulers

From now on, every time a product with a reordering rule reaches the minimum stock, the system will automatically see how to fulfill that need based on the product configuration (e.g create an RfQ, create an MO, etc.).


For your reordering rules to work, your product needs to be correctly configured. If you are using Buy route, you need a vendor on the product. If you are using Manufacturing route you will been a BoM on the product. If the product is not fully configured or there is a mistake in your routes, a next activity will be logged on the product informing you there is an issue with the configuration.