Send Emails Marketing and Manage Campaigns

Emails allow you to effectively, and at a low cost, reach a large number of consumers while being able to customize your message in a way that resonates with them. It is measurable, and a call-to-action oriented channel.

Choose the right target and create the message

Go to Mailings ‣ Create.
Choosing Contacts as Recipients (for example), allows you to add specifications to match just certain contacts, filtering your target.
Send mass mailing in Odoo Email Marketing


With a trial databases, you have a limit of 50 emails per day; on Odoo SH Cloud Platform the limit is 200. There is a possibility to increase these numbers by contacting Odoo Support. To contact Support, click here.

Under Mail Body, choose a layout and make the modifications needed by dragging, dropping and double-clicking on content. Note that it is possible to start from scratch selecting the blank template option.

Send mass mailing in Odoo Email Marketing
Under Settings, you can assign someone else as the responsible sender if you do not want it to be you. To do so, change the email address used as the sender (Send From).
With the Reply To radio button, you can also choose to gather answers either on the respective recipients’ records or on a specific email address. Note that this option is not available if you target mailing contacts or contacts as recipients.
Send mass mailing in Odoo Email Marketing

Test, send or schedule a mailing

Send mass mailing in Odoo Email Marketing
Save: the work is allocated in the draft column in the Kanban view. Modifications can be made while being in this stage. The option Discard deletes the email.
Click on Test and send your message to one, or even multiple, test contacts to avoid errors.
Send triggers the email with the next run and put the work on the queue column in the Kanban view.
Schedule allows you to choose a date and time, and puts the email in the queue column in the Kanban view.


The daily limit is applied for all emails sent, in other words, throughout all applications. Therefore, if at the end of the day you have remaining ones to be sent, note that they will not be sent automatically the next day. You need to force that by opening the email and clicking on Retry.

Manage campaigns

Go to Configuration ‣ Settings and enable Mailing Campaigns.
The campaign option is effective as it allows you to organize your marketing efforts and have a centralized view of its metrics.
Go to Campaign and click on Create to start one.
manage campaigns in Odoo Email Marketing


If you use the SMS and Social Marketing applications, as well as the Push Notification feature, you see the option to create content for those channels. You also see the Campaign menu within those applications. All of this is possible because the applications work integrated.