Communicating about my Event using SMS Text Messages

Using SMS as a communication strategy for your event establishes interaction between organizers, attendees, speakers and further targets. It allows your message to be heard whether the goal is to send out reminders, teasers or to advertise.


Under Communication SMS is a standard feature. That means nothing needs to be enabled or installed.
On the other hand, to contact the speakers of your event, you need the SMS Marketing application installed, and to enable Schedule & Tracks under Events ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings.
SMS for Events in Odoo Events


The Schedule & Tracks feature allows you to manage the agenda and speakers of your event. For more details watch: Creating an agenda for your event.

Send SMSs to attendees

Under Communication, the message’s target is the attendees of your event.
You can choose to confirm each registration with the Registration template, and to send a reminder shortly before the event takes place with the Reminder template.
SMS for Events in Odoo Events

To make changes in an existing template, click on the external link.

SMS for Events in Odoo Events

Send SMSs to speakers and further targets

The benefit of the integration with the SMS Marketing application is that you can choose the target you would like your message to be delivered to. To get started, click on Contact Track Speakers.

SMS for Events in Odoo Events
If Event Track is not your target (Recipient), choose the right one. Filters are eligible here.
In the example below, the SMS would be sent to the speakers who are in the stage Proposal on Event Track.
SMS for Events in Odoo Events


Credits are required to be able to send SMSs. For more information about Pricing click here, and, about IAP Services here.