Apply Discounts

By offering discounts, you can entice your customers and drastically increase your revenue. It is vital to offer discounts, whether they are time-limited, seasonal or manually given.

To manage discounts, Odoo has powerful features that help set up a pricing strategy tailored to every business.

Apply manual discounts

If you seldom use discounts, applying manual ones might be the easiest solution for your Point of Sale.

You can either apply a discount on the whole order or on specific products inside an order.

Apply a discount on a product

From your PoS session interface, use the Disc button.

View of the discount button for manual discount

Then, you can input a discount over the product that is currently selected.

Apply a global discount

To apply a discount on the whole order, go to Point of Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of Sale and select your PoS.

Once on your PoS form, select Global Discounts, under the Pricing category.

View of the feature to enable for global discount

Now, you have a new Discount button appearing on your PoS interface.

View of the button to use for global discount via the pos interface

Click on it and enter the wanted discount.

View of the discount offered in the payment summary


On this example, there is a global discount of 50% as well as a specific 50% discount on oranges.

Apply time-limited discounts

To activate time-limited discounts, you must activate the Pricelists feature. To do so, go to Point of Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of Sale and open your PoS. Then, enable the pricelist feature.

View of the pricelist feature

Once activated, you must choose the pricelists you want to make available in the PoS and define a default one.

Create a pricelist

By default, Odoo has a Public Pricelist configured. To create more, go to Point of Sale ‣ Products ‣ Pricelists. Then click on create.

When creating a pricelist, you can set several criteria to use a specific price: period, min. quantity, etc. You can also decide to apply that pricelist on specific products or on the whole range.

View of a time-limited pricelist for two products

Using a pricelist with the PoS interface

On the PoS interface, a new button appears. Use it to select a pricelist.

View of the button to use for time-limited discounts via the pos interface

Click on it to instantly update the prices with the selected pricelist. Then, you can finalize the order.