How to give portal access rights to my customers?

What is Portal access/Who is a portal user?

A portal access is given to a user who has the necessity to have access to Odoo instance, to view certain documents or information in the system.

For Example, a long term client who needs to view online quotations.

A portal user has only read/view access. He or she will not be able to edit any document in the system.

How to give portal access to customers?

From Contacts Module

From the main menu, select Contacts menu. If the contact is not yet created in the system, click on the create button to create new contact. Enter details of the contact and click “save”.

../../../../_images/portal01.png ../../../../_images/portal02.png

Choose a contact, click on the Action menu in the top-center of the interface and from the drop down.

Select Portal Access Management. A pop up window appears.


Enter the login email ID, check the box under In Portal and add the content to be included in the email in the text field box below. Click on Apply when you’re done.


An email will be sent to the specified email address, indicating that the contact is now a portal user of the respective instance.