Standard Chart of Accounts - PCN 2020

Odoo’s Fiscal Localization Package for Luxembourg includes the current Standard Chart of Accounts (PCN 2020), effective since January 2020.

eCDF tax return

Tax returns in Luxembourg require a specific XML file to upload on the eCDF.

To download it, go to Accounting ‣ Report ‣ Audit Reports ‣ Tax Report, and click on Export eCDF declaration.

Annual tax report

You can generate an XML file to electronically file your annual tax report with the tax office.

To do so, go to Accounting ‣ Report ‣ Luxembourg ‣ Annual Tax Report, click on Create, then define the annual period in the Year field.

The simplified annual declaration is automatically generated. You can manually add values in all the fields to get a complete annual declaration.

Odoo Accounting (Luxembourg localization) generates an annual tax declaration.

Finally, click on Export XML to download the XML file.


FAIA (Fichier d’Audit Informatisé AED) is a standardized and structured file that facilitates the exchange of information between the taxpayers’ accounting system and the tax office. It is the Luxembourgish version of the OECD-recommended SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax).

Odoo can generate an XML file that contains all the content of an accounting period according to the rules imposed by the Luxembourg tax authorities on digital audit files.


Install the module Luxembourg Standard Audit File for Tax (module’s technical name: l10n_lu_saft).

Export FAIA file

Go to Accounting ‣ Reporting ‣ Audit Reports ‣ General Ledger, then click on Export SAF-T (Luxembourg).