Multi channels

Create multiple Live Chat channels to manage different aspects of your business or website. Assign a channel to cover a specific need, such as customer support or lead generation, or an area of the website, such as events or recruitment.

Softvérové úpravy

Customize the Live Chat channel button and window with color and content defaults to best match the branding and voice of your company.


Live Chat can be added to an Odoo website through a simple integration, but can also be added to a third-party (non-Odoo) website with an embeddable website widget.

Visitor info

Send Chat Requests

View a list of current website visitors and send a personalized chat request.

Recent Page/Product Views

See a list of the most recent pages and products a site visitor has viewed in order to have a better understanding of their needs and experience. Also see the number of times the visitor has been to the site.


Sessions History

Access a detailed history of every Live Chat conversation, including transcript, participants, date, duration, ratings, and more.

Sessions Statistics

Track the rate of conversation interaction, duration, success, and more. Use a variety of measures including “Session not Rated”, “Is Visitor Anonymous”, and “Visitor is Happy” to customize the report.

Operator Analysis

Measure the participation and performance of Live Chat agents, including the number of conversations they participated in, the length of time they took to respond, and the duration of each conversation.

Customer Ratings

View customer ratings from Live Chat conversations, including any comments provided. View the transcript of the conversation in just one click.

Canned responses

Create customized, pre-configured substitutions that allow users to replace shortcut entries in place of longer, well-thought out responses to some of the most common questions and comments.


Potenciálne príležitosti

Create a lead in the CRM application using information from a conversation.


Create a support ticket in the Helpdesk application based on information from a conversation.

Ticket History

Search through the existing tickets in the Helpdesk application.


Generate a list of the most recent pages the visitor has viewed on the website (up to 15).


Display an informative message that includes the potential entry types an operator can make.


Automatically exit the conversation. This command does not cause the customer to be removed from the conversation, nor does it automatically end the conversation.


Use Cases

Create multiple chatbots to fulfill different needs.

Step Types

Choose from the following step-type options when building a chatbot script:


Let your chatbot greet visitors, or provide information.


Have the chatbot ask questions and provide a set of possible responses.


Prompt users to enter their email address, and store the information for future reference.


Prompt users to enter their phone number and store the information for future reference.

Forward to Operator

Pass a conversation on to an active live chat operator so they can continue the conversation.

Free Input

Allow customers to input information to be stored in chat transcripts.

Create Lead

Create a lead in the CRM application, where the transcript from the conversation will be stored.

Create Ticket

Create a ticket in the Helpdesk application, where the transcript from the conversation will be stored.

Only If

Create a flow that will only proceed if the progression of the conversation matches a set of defined instructions.