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IT SYS Corporation
IT SYS Corporation Certified v12 Certified v14
IT Systems Corporation® is an IT business solutions company that, provides IT Products, Customized solutions and Services to integrate clients' business processes with the latest IT technologies and best practices. IT Systems provides ERP Implementation, Software Development, Outsourcing  & Offshoring, SaaS Business Applications and Consultation. IT Systems Corporation is one of the Largest Odoo Partners in the Middle East, and partners of SAP, and Microsoft development.
Established in 2011, ...
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Centione Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
Centione is a software professional services organization headquartered in Egypt, the company offer ERP and CRM Implementation and Consultations , E-Commerce Solutions , Business intelligence, Enterprise Application integration, application development outsourcing, Resource augmentation and staffing services to global companies . ...
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Roaya Certified v12 Certified v13
Data Management Company, its headquarter located in Alexandria - Egypt, and providing software solutions & services to help companies driving better corporate decisions. Roaya providing Data life cycle management from end to end for all industries and business areas, starting from Operational systems such as ERP, CRM, … ie to Decision support systems such as Data Warehouse and Big Data solutions. For more details please visit Roaya website: https://www.roayadm.com/ ...
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ZAD Solutions
ZAD Solutions Certified v12
ZAD Solutions enables organizations to achieve commercial and operational excellence through consulting and application of open-source technologies.

Our team consists of 30 business applications consultants and software development experts. We work together to provide both the technical and business aspects to cover the whole spectrum of business applications.
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Archer Solutions
Archer Solutions Certified v12 Certified v13
Archer Solutions is an IT services provider, we develop an integrated software systems to help businesses have better insights on their processes. We have implemented Odoo ERPs for tens of companies working in ten different domain and located in four different countries, these systems are efficiently used by hundreds of users representing employees and partners of these companies.
Customers satisfaction rate is always measured by Customer satisfaction department in Odoo, they contact our enterp ...
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iSky Development
iSky Development Certified v12
iSky Development is a solutions company that provides different types of services for its customers everywhere around the world. iSky is specialized in digital transformation and helping organizations adopt latest technologies. Although we are focused on our technology core services, today we must recognize that iSky has not identified itself as being limited to a technology provider, but rather a business consultant that involves with its customers in their operations. Here at iSky Development ...
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Plementus Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
Plementus is a software development company providing integrated software systems to customers across all industries with a special focus on manufacturing, e-commerce & retail. We pride ourselves with a team of expert consultants & developers who look at our client's businesses with a consultant's eye and tailor make a system that best suit their needs & processes.
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RIGHTECHS Solutions Certified v10 Certified v11 Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
Rightechs Solutions is an established Egyptian company located in Cairo, Egypt. Rightechs Solutions has a distinct reputation for quality and unique software solutions built by a highly qualified team. We are the first Certified Odoo Partner V.10 and V.11 in the MENA region.
Rightechs Solutions provides a wide array of creative software solutions and services that revolutionizes each individual business practices. We continue to develop strong relationships that exceed the expectations of ou ...
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White Code Information Technology
White Code Information Technology Certified v12 Certified v13 Certified v14
WCIT - White-Code Information Technology Co. based & registered in London, UK & Cairo, Egypt and have offices in USA, KSA, UAE & India.
Since our birth in 2002, we have remained independent and hence maintained the curious and experimental spirit at our company. At the same time, we’ve attracted highly talented Software Engineers & Web Developers enabling us to create some of the most revolutionary and effective solutions in the industry.
We work with organizations of different sizes to addres ...
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ALMOASHER BUSINESS Certified v12 Certified v13
ALMOASHER BUSINESS is one of Egypt’s leading Information Technology Company Since 1998, We are specialized in Business application ERP system, CRM software, web applications development, and business consultation, we deliver solutions to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We have a great experience on delivering ERP services modules “accounting, HR, inventory, purchase, project management.....” to various businesses “Real Estate - Pharmaceutical Industry - Transport & Shipping Companies ...
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Trend for e-content
Trend for e-content
Trend Is one of the leading ERP Implementation service providers in Egypt. Since 2017, Trend has gone through more than 30 Odoo implementation project. Trend marks Real Estate sector as the most active industry during its past implementations. However, Trend has gone through many projects in Retail, Wholesale, Service, and eCommerce projects during its years of activity.
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Peerless ltd.
Peerless ltd. Certified v12
Peerless Technology ("Peerless") is an expert in software integration. Peerless can help businesses in creating a competitive edge and value through providing different solutions that can enhance your Business performance and efficiency ...
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Minds Solutions
Minds Solutions Certified v14
Egyptian based software consultancy with experience delivering sales solutions for companies in telecommunication, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, retail & courier industries.
Our staff has experience in helping SMEs to build their digital strategy by empowering them with ERP, data analysis, automation & customized preferred tools.
Our competence in Odoo includes :
· Egyptian & Canadian accounting: our accountants and consultants are fully aware of Egyptian accounting standa ...
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Silver Partners

YDS Certified v13
YDS is Famous for its supreme services, YDS provides cost effective solutions to help Medium and Large companies transform their business into a modern, fully automated, agile business .
YDS Provides different Service Level Agreements (SLA) for : Technical support for administrators and users, and On-job training for ERP users, non-disruptive on-going Odoo Customization, free cloud hosting, with technical Support for your local IT infrastructure, Using these SLA's can help you achieve the best ...
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Perfect-tech Certified v12 Certified v14
Perfect-Tech is a rising Egyptian company with a group of expert consultants & developers, that specialize in digital transformation, Odoo ERP implementation and software development, striving to simplify businesses through out-of-the-box solutions for our customers.
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CORE-BPO Certified v11 Certified v12

CORE BPO is an independent Business Process Outsourcing services firm, with primary focus on Knowledge Process Outsource, provides its services using Open ERP system in
addition to other technical services in the field of Information Technology i...
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CDS Solutions
CDS Solutions Certified v14
We are a company full of innovative young minds who are hungry for successful delivery .CDS prides itself on using disruptive implementation methodologies that ensure speedy and successful delivery. Our team goes through an intensive cycle of evaluating the project before starting it. We are Proud of our Implementations Strategy Success Rates.
Our Coders are among the best in Egypt, there isn't anything on odoo that we can not turn into a beautiful code that has the best ROI. We thrive in E co ...
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Semak Business Intelligence
Semak Business Intelligence Certified v12 Certified v13
Semak Business intelligence is specialized Partner for ERP, Mobile App and CRM it is a fast-growing IT Consulting and Professional Services with international reach. One of the highest levels of personal and creative strategic planning and service to clientele to explore, understand and work in tandem with experts in this burgeoning IT field.

Semak Business intelligence proposes to provide high quality Enterprise Solutions and support to clients. Our range of proposed niche services includes E ...
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PC Power
PC Power Certified v13 Certified v14
PC-POWER was founded in 1994, as one of the leading solutions and professional services provider in Egypt and Middle East region.
PC-POWER Services is focused on meeting the growing needs for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expertise in both global and local markets. Providing its clients with the right integrated digital solutions match the customer needs with expert team, consultancy and Technical Services using the 26 years’ experience in ERP, CRM, Mobile & Web solutions.
PC-PO ...
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OIT Solutions
OIT Solutions Certified v12
“OIT Solutions is an Egypt-based business and IT solutions provider that offers custom ERP systems powered by the most powerful Odoo Technologies.
The company has been established in 2020, we had 7 years of experience on odoo starting from OpenERP 6, with all our customer’s satisfaction.
We have implemented lots of ERPs such as:

Real estate
IT services
Cutting Manufacture.
Medical Service

We believe our integrated services can help us be long-term trusted partners for b ...
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LongRange Ltd.
LongRange Ltd. Certified v13
LongRange Ltd. is an IT Consultant & Solutions Architect, with HQ in Limassol - Cyprus, and offices in Egypt, we have a very special focus on the Mediterranean Region.

As IT Professionals, we believe we are in the business of facilitating the availability of world recognized, well tested standards that would enhance and enrich the means business is made in compliance with Global Requirements and Standards.

From there; we strongly emphasize our own philosophy of knowing more everyday & develop ...
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Ready Partners

BI Solutions L.L.C
BI Solutions L.L.C Certified v12
BI Solutions offers guidance to its customers on determining their business requirements and reaching out to the best solutions to the current and the upcoming challenges. Our experts will aid them by investigating the business situations, pinpointing and analyzing the improvement opportunities in their business, defining the needs and maintaining the competent use of technology in achieving exceptional performance. We provide our customers with the utmost benefits from Digital Transformation so ...
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DiamondVision Certified v11
DiamondVision / DVIT is one of the leading & most experienced Odoo service providers in MENA.
With more than 600 success stories within last 10 years and since 2011, we are experienced in developing & implementing fully integrated & specialized solutions for Automotive, Contracting, Construction, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Trading, Medical, Hotels, Education, Farms and service sectors since 2012 These solutions are based on Odoo and innovative open source software. ...
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Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.
Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD. Certified v14
Mentor is an Egyptian shareholding company headquartered in Cairo. Our core services encompass IS Management Consultancy, Managed Services, Business and Systems Integration covering ERP CRM, BI, mobility, ECM, Operations and Maintenance Services; all supported by best of breed resources with international work standards experiences and ethics, More importantly, our Experience in the Egyptian, Middle East and international market, which are best employees, allow us to have the perfect fit soluti ...
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Copartners Certified v12
Copartners is a first class software house and consultation firm, we are specialized in CRM, ERP implementations, mobile apps, business consultations, feasibility studies, financial book keeping, financial consultations and financial audits.
We are packed with our long resumes and deep skills of our business consultants, erp consultants, software engineers and financial audits, our team skills are integrated to help you build a robust business flow.
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CBS EGYPT Certified v14
software development company focused to provide small, medium & large businesses with ODOO implementation, integration, and customization services, web hosting services, IT solutions & mobile applications.

We are providing custom solutions to a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, real estate, telecommunication, e-commerce, and service sectors.
Our main target is our commitment to customer to do more than expected. Our mission is to provide our customers, ...
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Raqmi Certified v12
RAQMI - رقمى is a company that specializes in software and advanced solutions for companies in various fields .
The company provides open-source ERP and CRM solutions and many applications for companies to help different functions and departments accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently .
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ICS - Globe
ICS - Globe Certified v14
ICS is a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems.
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Raqmeyat IT solutions (RITSOL Allied)
Raqmeyat IT solutions (RITSOL Allied) Certified v14
نحن شركة عمرها 20 عامًا, لنا مكاتب في الرياض والقاهرة ودبي حيث نقوم بتقديم تطبيقات اودو ناجحة منذ اليوم الذي تم فيه تسمية اودو باسم اوبن اي ار بي. يساعدك فريقنا من مستشاري الأعمال المحترفين والمنفذين والمطورين على تطبيق اودو بسهولة وكفاءة
We are a 20 years old company with offices in Riyadh, Cairo and Dubai that has been delivering successful Odoo implementations from the day Odoo was called OpenERP. Our team of professional business consultants , implementers and developers will help you ...
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Sys Gates
Sys Gates Certified v14
Digital transformation of your company

Sys Gates is an IT company that provides the best solutions for managing corporate resources

In addition to products that serve e-commerce, manufacturing and education, it consists of a young and passionate team and has headquarters in more than one Arab country.
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Bestbuy For information Systems
Bestbuy For information Systems Certified v11 Certified v14
2B Systems is an affiliate of Best Buy Group that includes 2B Egypt, Rada for Food Industries, CADCAMCIM for Mechanical Design Solutions and 2B for Batteries Industries since 1998.
2B Systems is an enterprise solutions provider; it’s a dynamic company supplying ERP for Trading, Retail and Manufacturing enterprises. By providing Acumatica and Odoo ERP solutions, 2B Systems has gained a valuable insight to customer's needs and requirements which is handled and fulfilled by a well-trained and ent ...
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U analyst
U analyst Certified v14
UAnalyst is a software company based in Cairo, providing advanced solutions such as ERP, CRM, business digitization solutions, managment consultations and training for companies in various fields.
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Venturous Solutions
Venturous Solutions Certified v12
Venturous Solutions is a software professional service company was born of its founder's, Team4 World, vision of becoming a “World-class Business Innovation & Technology”.

Our mission is to be the “Trusted Integrated Business Technology Services provider” of choice for our clients in this digital era.

We provide software solutions and services to our customers regarding software development, system's integration as well as ERP systems. We are Odoo Certified Business Partner with wide rang ...
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Galaxy Consulting Services
Galaxy Consulting Services Certified v12
Galaxy Consulting Services is a rising Egyptian professional business development & solutions provider company, we operate inside and outside Egypt.
We strive to enhance every aspect of our services and solutions through adapting and maintaining the highest quality standards to support our services and solutions.
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One Solution
One Solution Certified v14
One Solution has over 15 years of experience in delivering effective business management solutions to organizations ranging from large corporates to small/medium enterprises across the Middle East. One solution technical competency is one of our key strengths, our knowledge, and expertise ensuring a fit for purpose, low risk, low-cost implementation. ...
We design develop, integrates, and support your ODOO solutions in order to make our customers more productive and profitable.
Our mission is to ...
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About us
We are a premier IT company, Leading our local and national market by Implementing business management standards through Latest ERP management system technology, we are Odoo partners in Cairo,Egypt our main business line is providing solutions to any and every organization whenever lacking system or control , our role is to lead our partners to successful implementation of ERP system technology to ensure successful business management and control through Manufacturing, Accounting, HR m ...
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Bitsera Solutions
Bitsera Solutions Certified v14
In a digital era, businesses shifted from heavy paperwork to automated systems culture. Technology leadership is the concrete pillar of this digital era as Businesses and technologies work hand in hand. Innovative systems now deliver integrated solutions for businesses to enhance their growth rate and security on advanced scales. Since we are deeply rooted in this culture; we consolidate experience with gradual learning in providing businesses with excellence in a wide range of integrated system ...
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Digitec having strong impact for over 20 years in enhancing and empowering our customers capabilities by providing their integral Business solutions using Hardware & Software Professional information Technology Services, and specialized in providing print management products & Cost Efficiency Solutions based on Customer’s Environment Assessment with delivering its guaranteed maintenance Services. Providing all services across our offices in Egypt, Saudi ( CSS Gate )
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IT Zain
IT Zain
IT Zain is a leading company in the field of information technology. We work to add value to our customers through business development and find easy and simple technical solutions that help customers grow business. We do development, implementation and training appropriate for each customer according to his needs and capabilities. We are proud of IT Zain in serving and satisfying our customers.
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Objects Certified v14
Objects Technologies is digital business solutions provider specialized in software development
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