Finally, a modern inventory system

Reduce stockouts, speed up operations, optimize routes and get real time visibility with Odoo's warehouse management app.

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Flawless replenishments

Never run out-of-stock with smart replenishment strategies like min-max rules, MTO, or the master production schedule. Let Odoo propose, or trigger purchase orders automatically. Then automate vendor follow-ups to minimize communication risks : PO acknowledgment, receipt schedule confirmation a few days before, etc.

Quality control

Speed up receipt, quality control and storage

Control incoming and outgoing shipments with push and pull rules, GS-1 codes, and customizable routes.

Use put-away strategies to optimize your storage: slow-fast movers, ABC analysis, cross-dock... all you need to reduce the number of parts moved, and distances.

Works offline: No WiFi coverage issues!

Optimize your warehouse

Real-time inventory management with all the features: serial numbers, lots, packaging, reservation strategies, cycle counting, KPIs, and more...

Blazing-fast inventory lookup: instantly know the location of all your products across multiple warehouses or multiple companies.


Minimize picking movements

Choose the right strategy for you: single, cluster, wave, or batch picking. Trigger goods to release using multiple reservation strategies. Implementing the rights strategies allows to pick and pack 30% extra products with the same team.

Wave picking

Launch picking orders per aisle, or area, and regroup at packing zone. Ideal for large warehouses.

Cluster picking

Pick multiple orders in one trip, and prepare orders as you pick, to save time at packing. Ideal for small products.

Batch picking

Regroup multiple orders in one picking, and consolidate at the packing zone.

Packing has never been easier

Odoo integrates with carriers to print shipping labels, quality controls, and different packing units such as parts, boxes, pallets, and more.


All the features
done right.

Fast barcode scanner

Blazing fast as most operations are performed offline; zero latency scans! Supports barcode, QR Code and GS-1, and is even optimized for products without barcodes.

Reduce distances with smart routes

Optimized procurement: map out your complex routes in Odoo and automatically plan transfers.

Full control over supply chain operations with valuable actions between different apps.

smarts routes

Inventory valuation

Whether you do perpetual or periodical, Odoo supports multiple valuation methods: FIFO, Average Price, LIFO, Standard price.

Clear reservation mechanism


Clear traceability

Real-time reports on stock, inventory moves, and production.

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Odoo Inventory replaced our legacy spreadsheets which were unable to keep up with our growing business. The biggest benefits we realized were saving time by using a simpler system, and greater overall accessibility to our inventory.

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