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Dynexcel specialize in providing quality enterprise ERP and CRM solutions to SMEs and large enterprises. we have team of experienced technical and functional experts to provide low cost solution to your business need. our team of cross functional experts have in depth knowledge and experience in implementation of enterprise solutions to all industry verticals.
OpenWare Business
OpenWare brings diverse and global experience applicable for non profit, corporate and government organizations. Our team is a determined group of internationally recognized Process & Technology experts working diligently to transform technological innovations into social advantage. Our response to global challenges is to apply technology for innovative, effective & scaleable solutions.

OpenWare Business continues to provide multi-faceted solutions, products and services. OpenWare Business leadership and teams work with passion to bring new technologies and knowledge to our clients. Our teams maintain the skill matrix up-to-date in order to cope with the challenges in the ever-changing world of technology. OpenWare Business provides Enterprise solutions with a complete focus in Open Source technologies, tools and platforms. OpenWare Business’s development teams are ready to customize or develop modules/add-ons for existing Open Source solutions as well as develop Custom solutions as required.