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Byi-E Information co., Ltd.
深耕傳產業界、有豐富的資訊系統建置與人才的養成經驗,是最了解中小型製造業的系統整合商。 累積多年管理、組織與資訊科技整合經驗,提供顧問諮詢、專案開發、系統維護、網站開發、教育訓練等資訊服務以及虛擬主機租用與機房代管等委外服務, 以解決企業面臨資訊系統解決方案選擇的挑戰,節省客戶之人力成本,專注核心事業、優化資源運用,是企業IT應用諮詢、整合及技術支援的最佳策略夥伴。
EcoGee Solutions Inc.
城鐛科技 EcoGee Solution




EcoGee Solutions

EcoGee Solutions was established in 2011 Taipei, Taiwan; Specializing in Commercial IT Products such as IBM, HP, CISCO, TOSHIBA, EMC, APC etc.

EcoGee has been in Taiwan IT Market for quite some time now and deeply feels the importance of Enterprise Software Management. Even though Taiwan is an technological country, it lacks vision and growth for software applications. A good Commercial Software(ERP) should be easy-understanding and easy-operating; and of course, affordable for medium-small size companies especially miniature start-up companies. Because of this EcoGee joined Partnership with ODOO; the global vast user usage and open source platform environment is exactly what the current Taiwanese companies need. Which are efficient, versatile, and creates growth.

EcoGee has a passionate-young team, that is persistent in doing the right things for our clients. With our knowledge in IT solutions and standard business practices; combining that with ODOO's flexible platform; we believe we can bring a change to Taiwan companies and connect it with the modern world.
在 Value Mine Technology,我们帮您挖掘这些价值,助您取得最大的成功。

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