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Level up your customer experience by engaging with your customers the way they like. Benefit from a 520% better open rate on marketing communications.

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Publish your
WhatsApp number

... to boost customer initiated conversations. Don't take the risk to forward customers to a phone number that's not available at any time, or engage in a one-shot conversation only.


Fully integrated
with all apps

Convert conversations into leads, send PDF quotations, send event badges and reminders, send invoices, etc.


Efficient bulk messages

Select leads, contacts or empty carts and send your WhatsApp messages in just a few clicks. Enjoy conversion rates 3x better than emails or SMS.

Complete business transactions all via a WhatsApp message!

Templates, templates, templates!

Use the pre-configured templates or make custom templates to send invoices, event tickets, POS receipts and much much more!

Create your own custom templates using buttons and dynamic placeholders to insert unique data!

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Unified multi-channel communication

The only platform to unify all touchpoints in a single platform. It's so easy: just chat in Odoo Discuss, and messages are sent to the right channel automatically.

multi channel

The power of Odoo Discuss

WhatsApp works side-by-side with emails, SMS, chats, video conferences, ... all while being integrated on the business documents, like quotations, invoices, events, etc.


All the features
done right.

Always one click away

Use WhatsApp from any Odoo app in the database.

Integrated communication

Fully integrated with the Odoo Discuss app and message widget.

Set-up made simple

Easy set-up on Odoo with complete instructions for API integration with Meta.


Pre-fabricated templates for easy business flows. Create custom templates with dynamic placeholders/variables.

Messaging within Odoo

Send and receive messages all from the Odoo database.

Cost effective

Odoo integration is free, and a low cost per message through Meta.

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Odoo is the business management software that Banda has been looking for. Especially for a growing business like us, Odoo provides value-adding business support regarding inventory and accounting issues. With Odoo, you walk through the implementation process and training together with Odoo experts and won t be left with all the work.

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Pujo Haryo
Vice President at Banda

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