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Zero Group
Zero Group Certified v14
Zero is a brand with the Vision to change the way how business and institutions work. We are the first Odoo Partner in Balkan. Our Mission is to put all your departments in the best erp called Odoo. Our purpose is to affect work culture, to give full control over all the business operations to the leaders and offer transparency for the employees. We create more time for you to add more “zeros” to your business.
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MasterIT Certified v15 Certified v16
Master IT shpk based in Albania since 2016 offers superior IT solutions and services for small , medium and large enterprises. We build and implement POS, CRM & ERP systems.
We help to manage business operations including manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resources and warehouse management. We integrate all of the processes needed to run your company with a single system and keep you ahead in business.
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String is a consulting and software company, specialized in digital transformation, ERP and CRM Systems implementation. Our services include business process improvement and transformation with innovative ERP solutions, in-house consultants and developers, helping businesses to operate efficiently and built future path. String differentiates and prides itself by long expertise of our staff on the topics and industries we deal with, insights on how your business operates and workable solutions.
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