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ALITEC is a dedicated IT solution provider base in Singapore and China. As an official partner of Odoo, We help organisations to improve and adapt their key business processes by using advanced Information Technology.
Alitec is working with talented team while delivering high-quality business application to the customer. The focus of our company is to deal with and overcome various business challenges through exact internal activities, research and solutions. We are providing an unique strong-willed benefit, we offer advanced services through effective solutions, best business practices and cutting-edge technologies. Our Company is supported by experts with deep industrial knowledge and experience in various business lines.
Our Vision:
ALITEC aspires to become one of leading creative ERP solution provider in Singapore and Asia-pacific market.
Our Mission:
ALITEC strives to create and develop highly effective Online Management Systems (OMS) for enterprises to save time & cost to boost productivity to increase customer satisfaction and enhence competitiveness.
Our Core Value:
Enjoy limited life through creating unlimited values for the world.
5 reference(s)
Bona Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd
Bona Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd consists of a group of companies with vast experience and expertise in providing Information Technology (IT), Advertising and Marketing solutions. We provide solutions for your business, such as marketing, strat...
Elico Solutions (Singapore) LLP
Elico solutions (Singapore) is the local branch of Elico Corporation (Gold Partner and Best Odoo partner 2014 for Asia Pacific), with a full development and implementation team in China, and a focus on Singapore and on South East Asia.
Neu Media Technology LLP
Neu Media Technology solves real-world business problems by making IT work for business.

Having organically grown from our humble beginnings of developing customized software solutions, we have since established ourselves to be a trusted partner that provides complete business solutions to small and medium enterprises through supporting and improving the effectiveness of their day-to-day operations. Our solution includes Sales Management, Procurement Management, Inventory/Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, and Retail with complete administrative integration with key business operatives such as Human Resource Management and Financial Accounting.

We serve clients with a few staff to larger companies with million dollar turnovers across a wide range of industries. One of our key clients includes Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. That said, we strive to form the effective bridge between business and technology to help businesses leverage on technology to help them collaborate better, gather business intelligence and real-time data to make stronger management decisions, and ultimately give them the digital edge to compete more effectively in today’s evolving economy.
Rational Systems International PTE Ltd
Rational Systems is a Trusted and Fast Growing Technology Consulting Firm focused on leveraging advanced and emerging technologies that yield high-value market impact and innovation for our customers in their respective industries, namely in, Banking/Financial, Government, Transportation, Healthcare, Logistics Supply Chain, Travel and Hospitality.

Our team of professional consultants and software engineers have years of experience building high-traffic and high-value systems that serve thousands of unique users everyday. With our in depth business knowledge and mature methodologies enable us to effectively handle software projects of any scale and complexity. We are recognized as the preferred software outsourcing provider by our customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Rational Systems has established presence in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and China. We deliver a full spectrum of software consulting and development services to clients in Asia Pacific focusing in Enterprise Solution, Data Analytic, eCommerce Marketplace, Online Yield Management and Market Sampling routing.
Statecraft Systems Pte Ltd
Statecraft Systems help our clients to tap on government grants to implement highly affordable and robust ERP systems to increase their business productivity and profits.
Leveraging on Odoo, we implement end-to-end ERP systems with value-add business consultation services.

Our Odoo Accounting and HR modules are fully customised for the Singapore locale and are accredited with IRAS, the tax and revenue authority in Singapore.

Select from our range of solutions that fit the needs of SMEs from 1 to 100 users. If you can afford a mobile subscription, you can definitely afford our basic ERP service that costs less than $50 a month!

Types of Statecraft Systems solutions:

Standard online solutions - recommended for 1 to 3 users

Standard package solutions - recommended for 3 to 10 users

Customised ERP solutions - recommended for larger SMEs

Contact us today a free trial of our basic ERP service.