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Turn abandoning visitors and lurkers into leads in 5 moves

04/13/2015 11:57:25   In Business Hacks  
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Organization, promotion, sale: seamless event management

04/09/2015 08:02:37   In Business Hacks  
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Important service improvements to increase restaurant customers

04/08/2015 09:00:38   In Business Hacks  
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Choose the best version for your homepage

04/02/2015 07:25:52   In Business Hacks  
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Scaling your business with inbound marketing (4/4)

03/26/2015 05:07:06   In Business Hacks  
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Odoo releases a new CRM mobile app

03/23/2015 03:38:19   In Odoo News  
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Odoo Accounting Explained

03/16/2015 03:53:16   In Business Hacks  

How to create great customer surveys

03/13/2015 09:19:05   In Business Hacks  
odoo s a, how to create customer survey, how to make customer survey, develop a customer survey, good customer survey
Create great surveys and collect insightful information to get to know your customers better and improve your strategy

Do it now: improve sales with a live chat software for websites

03/10/2015 09:19:02   In Business Hacks  
odoo s a, live chat, odoo support, live chat support, boost sales, customer care
Three perfect reasons to set up a live chat on your website.
Practical examples that lead to happy customers, reduced expenses and increased sales.

What is cross docking and is it for me?

03/10/2015 05:02:44   In Business Hacks  
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How you can save time and money with this delivery method and you only need a small warehouse area.

Odoo named one of fastest growing companies

03/02/2015 03:22:53   In Odoo News  
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Always get the best deal from suppliers

02/25/2015 04:56:43   In Business Hacks  
how to rfq, how to prepare rfq, best deal from suppliers, how to get the best deals, how to create rfq, how to write rfq letter, request for quote
A guide to help you always get the best deals from your suppliers using Request For Quotation (a.k.a. RFQ) the right way.