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Scratch DJ Academy

12/09/2015 06:05:46 In Customer Reviews
music industry, event management, software, marketing software, sales management, customer review, academy management
Odoo fits all kinds of business! This is a good example of odoo's flexibility, the Scratch DJ Academy manage their courses and event with Odoo.

Odoo 9 Tour: Facts and Figures

11/20/2015 05:56:58 In Odoo News
odoo, 9, tour, event, conference, erp, demo, features, new
Read our blog post about the Odoo 9 Tour in Europe and Asia

How Silkworm Inc has improved its internal communication

11/17/2015 05:21:52 In Customer Reviews
customer review, collaboration tool, communication software, management tool, management, collaboration tool for busines, collaboration tool for small business, integrated solution
Odoo is a plus to better communicate with your customers and colleagues. Discover how Silkworm has improved its internal communication.

A modern solution for modern broadcasting technology services

11/16/2015 05:22:55 In Customer Reviews
software platform, customized software, broadcasting, customer review
Aberdeen Broadcast Services chose Odoo to modernize its internal system. Here, Odoo acts like the base platform to support all kinds of customization.

How Odoo can improve a teacher's course

10/27/2015 09:53:17 In Customer Reviews
education, business tool, erp education, software, open source for education, open source erp for educational institutions, open source software for education, customer review odoo
Discover how Odoo can improve a teacher's course. The Odoo Education Program is free and available for any teacher.

How Publish2Day is growing with Odoo

10/21/2015 03:37:09 In Customer Reviews
customer review, software, odoo crm review, crm, printing management, odoo sales, odoo crm
Odoo helps Publish2Day to grow and expand! With Odoo, they have accurate metrics and can spend more time on selling and not processing documents!

How Investology easily promote their courses

10/05/2015 04:57:47 In Customer Reviews
customer review, website builder, odoo asia
Prestige Investment is an Odoo Online customer. They subscribed to Odoo online and are completely independent from any web designer

More than ever, Odoo has it all.

10/01/2015 03:18:24 In Odoo News
odoo 9, release, odoo new, new features, odoo improvements, all-in-one software
Odoo releases its latest version. Discover the new features and the advanced ones of Odoo 9.

Odoo's new education platform

11/04/2015 03:44:57 In Odoo News
odoo education, odoo teachers, teachers software, teaching business with softwar, odoo academy, academy software
The Education offer is free! Use the online software to teach your courses related to business management.

How Toyota uses Odoo only after 6 months of integration

09/01/2015 08:07:11 In Customer Reviews
toyota, customer review, erp, accounting, software, wms, warehouse software, management, open source, purchase
Discover how Toyota integrated Odoo in only 6 months! They use Odoo Sales, WMS, ...

How Odoo helped Clair-Office as a multi-company solution

08/07/2015 08:21:31 In Customer Reviews
cmr, multi-company software managem, multi company management software, multi business, customer review, google integration, warehouse management, software
Discover how Odoo helped Clair-Office as a multi-company solution. Purchase, Sales, Invoicing, CRM,... all apps of business management!

SAP abandoned for Odoo flexibility

07/31/2015 03:40:30 In Customer Reviews
sap, sap business one, review, customer testimonial, customer review, software, sap vs odoo, accounting, crm, shipping
Discover how the Frew Group abandoned their SAP system for Odoo's flexibility.

How to easily measure the ROI of all your marketing campaigns

08/03/2015 03:58:24 In Odoo News
seo, link tracker, digital campaigns, roi, utm, marketing campaigns
It’s easy to launch online campaigns, but it is much more difficult to see exactly how these campaign impact return on investment. Here are some tips.

Put your online business on good tracks with Versioning and A/B testing

07/13/2015 03:30:54 In Odoo News
a/b testing, marketing, versioning, odoo cms, cms, e-commerce
With Odoo CMS & Odoo E-commerce, easily prepare multiple versions of a website and switch from one to another in as little as one click.

What's new in Odoo POS?

07/20/2015 03:14:32 In Odoo News
pos, restaurants, software restaurant, software, table map, bill splitting
Odoo POS is a management software for restaurants, bar and retail, with useful features like customized table map, splitting bill, loyalty cards, ...