Developers on demand

by Odoo India, for Odoo partners

$120 per
Experienced Developer
$200 per
Project Manager
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New Modules
Automated Tests
Mobile Apps
Data Import
Website Widgets

Pay as-you-go, on a monthly basis.

For experienced Odoo Developers

Get access to the most experienced Odoo developers. Our developers come from the Odoo India R&D department. They helped build the Odoo software you use everyday! On each project, we also assign a project manager. Each project will include an Odoo project manager to help you go through everything from start to finish.

Scale your teams from 1 to 20 developers on demand,
without long term commitment.

Development Staging Production

Great methodologies & training.

Benefit from our experience managing large scale projects, like the Odoo official releases. Get your process under control. We provide the platform and methodologies to manage the project, collaborate on specifications, run automated tests, and deploy quickly and easily.

Odoo Browser

You create tasks in the backlog column.


When specification are done, you set the bullet in green.


Odoo PM move green tasks and review technical spec.

You define priorities (set stars) according to your business needs.


Odoo PM set in green when ready to start developments.


Developer pull task when development starts.


Odoo Dev set green when developments done.


Odoo PM starts review and set green if ready for customer to test.


When green, you have to test and more to merge if OK.

Quickstart Guide

Discover our Conditions and Methodologies.

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