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For experienced Odoo Developers

Get access to the most experienced Odoo developers. Our developers come from the Odoo India R&D department. They helped build the Odoo software you use everyday! Each project will include an Odoo project manager to help you go through everything from start to finish.

Scale your teams from 1 to 20 developers on demand,
without long term commitment.

Development Staging Production

Great methodologies & training

Benefit from our experience managing large scale projects, like the Odoo official releases. Get your process under control. We provide the platform and methodologies to manage the project, collaborate on specifications, run automated tests, and deploy quickly and easily.


Test our service. It's free!

Need to develop a specific feature? Just send a specification to test our service for free. No commitment required, get feedback within 3 working days:

  1. Submit a specification
  2. We do the technical assessment
  3. Within 2-3 days, we send you:
    • Technical feedback
    • Quotation
    • Meeting proposal for review

If you don't have a specification ready, schedule a meeting with us and we'll write the specification for you.

Send your specification.

Send a specification of 1-3 features, to test our service for free, without commitments.

Need good examples? Check a sample Mockup or Technical Doc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an idea of what you want to develop but don't have a clear specification, the best is to discuss that in a meeting together. Plan your meeting here:

Once we have understood your needs, we'll write a proposition of specification for you. We do that for free, for you to test our service.

A good specification includes:

  • Explanation of the business needs: which industry? why you need that?
  • Details of how/what you would like to be developed

The business need is just a few paragraphs to help developers understand the context, and why you need that. It helps us to challenge the business need and find cheaper technical alternatives, if possible. From 2 to 5 paragraphs is enough.

The details of what should be developed should ideally be:

Here are a few examples:

You'll be the full copyright owner of everything we develop, and you choose the license you want to apply on your code: open source LPGL, Odoo Proprietary License, or any other license of your choice.

Our developers are the one who developed the Odoo software you use every day. So our team have a good level of technical knowledge on all areas (python module, javascript, web design, etc), even on functionnal knowledge.

All developments are done on an instance as we follow strict Odoo methodologies:

  • each commit is tested on tens of thousands of automated tests
  • we use Odoo's linter to ensure coding guidelines, and code clarity
  • you can track all developments live, and launch test or staging branches in just a click

If you don't have an account, we'll setup one for free for you. If you already have an project,you can invite our developers on your to benefit from integration tests on our developments.

The first phase, writing a clear specification, is free for you to assess our compentencies. Although we provide estimations for each tasks, we charge at the end of the month, based on actual time spent. You can track the time spent day by day, on our customer portal. Our invoices are payable in 21 days. 

The project manager is your point of contact. In addition to technical knowledge, he also has a strong functional expertise in the product, and team management to manage and help developers working on your task. He is in charge of the relationship with you, unlock developers on complex issues, and ensure code quality.

Most of the development is performed by the developers. On a typical project, 20% of the time is done by the project manager, and 80% by developers.

How are custom developments maintained in the future?

We offer a maintenance contract at 16€/100 lines of custom code/month that covers unlimited support, bugfixes and upgrades of version. This maintenance contract is mandatory for customers working directly with Odoo as we want to avoid bad surprises for customers, or companies getting stuck on old versions because of upgrade costs.

But the maintenance contract is optional for partners, or customers of partners. Partners can offer their own maintenance service at their own price, or no maintenance at all (not recommended as ultimately someone will have to pay the price of a bug to fix, or an upgrade: and it's often an angry customer at that time).

To get the exact number of lines of code in your project, you can ask us, or use the "odoo-bin cloc" command (as we exclude comments, empty lines...).