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IT SYS Corporation
6th of October Cairo
block 17/15
11111 6th of October Cairo
+20 102 333 0467

IT SYS Corporation

IT Systems Corporation® is an IT business solutions company that, provides IT Products, Customized solutions and Services to integrate clients' business processes with the latest IT technologies and best practices. IT Systems provides ERP Implementation, Software Development, Outsourcing  & Offshoring, SaaS Business Applications and Consultation. IT Systems Corporation is one of the Largest Odoo Partners in the Middle East, and partners of SAP, and Microsoft development. 

 Established in 2011, and based in 6th of October, Cairo, Egypt. IT Systems is a Gold Partner for Odoo ERP. IT Systems is a fast growing company with average Year over Year revenue growth of 70 %.


ALPLA is a world leader in the development and production of plastic packaging solutions with 20,800 employees, 178 locations worldwide, 46 countries, and 4 continents. We produce innovative packaging systems, bottles, closures and injection-molded parts for a wide range of industries. Our company and our products are shaped by our tradition as a family-operated business, our use of the latest technologies, our desire for innovative solutions, and the expertise and commitment of our employees.
Abd El Aziz El Sallab for Home Goods & Sanitary Ware
ABD EL AZIZ ELSALLAB is the recognized organization Located in Egypt . The company was established in 1912 at that time we took the opportunity to create a benchmark for ceramic tiles and sanitary ware distribution. The company now is recognized as the leading company for ceramic and sanitary ware in Egypt and MENA region.
Advance Medical Egypt
A leading Group Of Companies in the Middle East and Africa specialized in Medical Supplies.

Net Stream, provided implementation for an end to end Solution Based on Odoo v14 covering Sales , CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, HR Solution and Website / eCommerce .
Al Amin Gelatin
Our history began when Mr. Amin`s family has worked in the manual manufacturing of gelatin since 1936 in the tanneries of Old Cairo district. By time, Engineer Ahmed Amin; the son, inherited this business and developed the manual manufacturing process of gelatin to become one of the pioneers in the gelatin industry in Egypt. Due to business growth in 2003, Eng. Ahmed Amin has founded El-Amin for Gelatin Company as a high-tech factory located in the 3rd Industrial zone in 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt. Since then, our competitive advantage is to produce a very high quality of gelatin with competitive price to serve the Pharma, Food, Cosmetics & other industries not only in Egypt but also in different countries all over the world i.e. USA, Russia, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Jordan, Serbia, Spain, and Syria.
AlRowad Chemicals

Al Rowad Chemicals is one of the largest Dye stuff Traders in the Middle East. Al Rowad is the sole distributors of the finest high quality dyes at Egypt
• AL Rowad Chemicals® is one of the largest Chemical Trading companies in Egypt with more than 25 Years in providing high quality textile and dying products, with special focus on reactive (Cotton) dyes staff, Disperse dyes staff and others
• AL Rowad Chemicals® is the sole agent for Ohyoung (South Korea), one of the prestigious companies producing dyestuff
• AL Rowad Chemicals® has more than 30 Percent of Egypt Market share in Reactive (cotton) Dyes Staff
• More than 90 Percent of the Largest dying houses in Egypt depend on Al Rowad Chemicals® dying Products
• AL Rowad Chemicals® is a sole partner for Daelim Starlet for Machine Labs used for Fabric dyeing and Pharmaceuticals
BMC Lines
BMC Lines is a container transportation and shipping company, we have been in the business since 2003 and we are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We bear the crucial task of meeting the soaring demands of our customers by providing a consistent and reliable transportation service throughout our shipping sectors.

We believe that consistency and reliability are the most crucial elements in this business, so we dedicate our resources into making your shipping experience as seamless as possible!
Bakier stationery
Bakier Stationery was founded in 1991 with the aim of being a market leader in high quality stationery and office supplies.

Bakier offers all the office and stationery supplies your business could possibly need. In addition, we have custom made giveaways for your business.
Boston Group
Boston pharmaceutical group is an Ambitious Egyptian pharmaceutical group consisted of 10 pharmaceutical companies that adopt differentiation strategy to have a distinguished competitive advantages to apply Group’s plans to be in Top 50 companies in Egyptian market in the first 2 years of production, Top 20 in the first 5 years and Top 10 in the first 10 years.

Boston has a huge Pharmaceutical portfolio of about 270 products either Human, Cosmetics or veterinary.
Casaletti For Home Furniture Manufacturing is a leading company in the furniture industry, with five factories in Damietta industrial city and a showroom inside Mall of Almaza .
CAZALETTI, casalleti 2
Casaletti For Home Furniture Manufacturing is a leading company in the furniture industry, with five factories in Damietta industrial city and a showroom inside Mall of Almaza .
CID Consulting
Founded in 1995, CID is a recognized pioneer with over 20 years of experience in Marketing Communications, Community Development, and Management approaches that integrate public, private, and civil society interests to create new and sustainable opportunities for growth. Clients include leading local, regional, and global corporations and institutions. CID boasts over 150 clients across the MENA region, North America and Europe, successfully delivering over 230 projects over the span of 20 years. Operating in industries such as; education, ICT, FMCG, oil and gas, trade and economic development, government, solid waste management, financial services, and much more, CID has served private and public sector clients, as well as international donor organizations. CID’s three time award-winning team is also a proud licensee of the global ECCO International Communications Network and acts as the network’s representative in Egypt and the MENA region. Partnering with one of the top four independent networks in the world, ECCO operates in 40 countries, with a network of over 1,000 consultants.
Chema Industries - Private Free Zone
Chema Industries (ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 certified) is considered one of the leading Egyptian Manufacturers & Exporters in the field of Fertilizers, Pesticides & Spraying Machines.
Our range of products includes the following:
FERTILIZERS : Specific fertilizers, Compound Fertilizers , Natural Fertilizers , Adjuvant and PGR.
PESTICIDES : Insecticides , Agricultural oil, Acaricides, Rodenticides, Fungicides and Herbicides.
SPRAYERS : Micro-jet ULV Generators and puls-FOG Thermal Foggers, Manufactured under license from Germany.
Our products are used for:
Agriculture: Plant Protection and Locust Control.
Public Health: Vector-Borne Disease control such as Malaria, Filaria,Dengue fever and Yellow fever.
Commercial Engineering Agencies CEA
Engineering & Trading Agencies Co. has been importing & supplying engineering & machinery equipment for decades in Egypt
DOORTECH is one of the largest wood manufacturers and a dynamic supplier of unique solutions in the wood and home market in Egypt. In collaboration with the major factories in Italy, offer unique and reliable technologies and construction that target and cover the demands and financial limits of all our customers. DOORTECH offers you personalized design options and unique high-quality products made from local and imported timber, value-added wood, and solid wood.
Egyptian Saudi for Electrical Industries

تأسست الشركة المصرية السعودية في مصر منذ عام 2010 في المنطقة الصناعية المنظمة بمدينة العاشر من رمضان ، على بعد 50 كم من العاصمة القاهرة مع الالتزام بكونها شريكًا طويل الأمد لسوق الكهرباء المصري. تعمل الشركة المصرية السعودية من خلال مجال الإضاءة كقطاع رئيسي من خلال وجود أسماء تجارية قوية في مصر خلال السنوات الماضية Action و Smart Light and Accurate ، باستخدام مواد عالية الجودة واختبار قوي وقواعد مراقبة الجودة لتقديم المنتج الذي يستحقه عملاؤنا الكرام..
بدأت الشركة إطلاقها في عام 2010 وتخصصت في المصابيح من اليوم الأول. انتشرت المصابيح الموفرة للطاقة في ذلك الوقت ، لذلك تخصصت الشركة في تصنيعها وتوريدها للسوق المصري حتى حدث التحول العالمي واكتشاف لمبات الليد ، فواكبت الشركة التطور العالمي وشرعت في تصنيع الليد. المصابيح في تركيبة مع المصابيح الموفرة للطاقة
حتى حدث انهيار سوق المصابيح الموفرة للطاقة وإثبات أن كفاءة مصابيح LED تفوقت عليها من حيث العمر والإضاءة وتوفير الطاقة الكهربائية ، تحولت الشركة تمامًا إلى إنتاج مصابيح LED
في المستقبل القريب ، سيتم إطلاق خطوط إنتاج لبقية المنتجات التي تعتمد على إضاءة LED
Ehab Center

EHAB center is a family business and it has been established since 1987 IN Alexandria by the Founder Mr. EHAB HAMMAD (CEO) for supplying home appliances to the end-user then the second generation involved in the business and the company has been expanded in Alexandria by opening Many other Branches Through Cairo, Alexandria and EL Gharbia.
Life simplified …. by the deep meaning we are 250 employees in different departments and everyone is always doing his best to keep our clients satisfied, Home appliances considered one of the most valuable items in each home so we are happy to help our clients to select what is the suitable appliances for them which can meet with the home design and their needs for the technology.
Based on many researches in the Egyptian market customers are always looking for the best deal especially after the devaluation of the Egyptian currency so our mission is to provide our customer needs with reasonable price and give them the best deal especially each customer can:
Enjoy with purchasing experience with our sales advisors.
Variety of payment methods (Cash, visa and installment).
Fast delivery.
After sale service team is happy to solve any problem maximum in 72 hrs.
Technical support service for any exclusive agents.
Online purchasing which can help our customers to save their time.
We have two important aspects in our business which are:
1. Staff satisfaction: by improving and developing their skills through our talented team and helps them to achieve their dreams.
2. Customer satisfaction: by choosing premium brands which can make the customers happy when they use them and providing special services like (after sale service, technical support, delivery and different types of payment including installment)
EHAB Center main goal is to be in each home in EGYPT so the company decided to expand by opening branches in Cairo and other cities.
Our Sucsesses
Presidency of the Republic.
Armed Forces.
Petroleum Companies (AMOC, Misr For Petroleum, CO-Operation and Alexandria Company)
Pharmaceutical Companies (Pharma, Pharco)
Hotels (Four seasons, Hilton, Radisson Blu Hotel, Helnan Palestine Hotel, Paradise Inn Beach Resort Maamoura)
Clubs (sporting Club, Smouha club, Rio Club, Wadi Degla)
Construction Companies (Ezz Steel, Elmomtaz Steel, Abo Keir)
Insurance Companies (Allianz, Met Life)
Schools (Gems)
El Nasr Company for Investment and Agricultural Development (NIDC)
شركة رائدة تعمل في مجال تجارة الأجهزة الكهربائية منذ عام 1998 وكان حرصها الدؤوب منذ اللحظات الأولى في مجال التجارة اكتساب ثقة العميل وبناء علاقة وثيقة مع اكبر قاعدة من العملاء .
وتسعى دائما إلى تحقيق المزيد من النجاح والتقدم فالعميل دائما معنا في ضمان وأمان 
El Salam Shopping Center
El Salam Shopping Center
Founded in 1989, Alsalam Shopping Center is one of the leading egyptian companies in the field of ready to wear clothes.
Elexir Pharma

Elixir Pharma is an emerging shareholding pharmaceutical company that specializes in the provision of varied commercial and scarce medication. Founded in 2018, we have rapidly grown by innovatively creating a diversified portfolio of products on the back of the ambition and drive of our highly qualified team
Fine Stone For Investment, Unionaire group
Unionaire has been started in 1995 to be not only a local group of home appliances manufacturing but to be a global group and few years later Unionaire started its global branches and started to serve hundreds of customers all over the world, By 2005 Unionaire become the largest group for air-conditions manufacturing in the middle East, and continues hard working allow to Unionaire to increase its products range by adding new factories to UNIONAIRE to be one of the market leaders in home appliances manufacturing such as Air conditions, gas cookers, washing machines , refrigerators, freezers, TVs and displays and by our strong capabilities we go very dare for global competition in a global market and by 2010 Unionaire products reach to more than 80 countries worldwide under Unionaire brand and its different brands . And by 2020unionaire aiming to deliver its quality and suitable products which proudly MADE IN EGYPT to each country in the world.
First Grain
First Grain Egypt is a trading company has been established on 2006 since then it is operating on the Egyptian Grains market
with a stable step until it has reached total trading sum at 2015 has reached LE 500,000,000 (five hundred million Egyptian
pound). First Grain Egypt main propose is to provide value added Feed Grains Trading by it is professional staff. First Grains
Egypt is specialized in Corn and Soy meal trading.

As modern grain markets worldwide continue to evolve, our aim at First Grain is to capture local opportunities and provide value
added, vertical expansion to the supply chain process. By doing so, we offer competitive advantage to our customers who are
looking for reliability, high quality products at competitive price.
Gazelle trade
GAZELLE TRADE is one of Egypt's finest leading companies in complete piping packages for oil and gas and construction applications. With the biggest indoor warehouse in Egypt, we provide materials to sites with the same mill fresh product condition which is a clear right for projects to have the same good quality during the duration of the projects. We also import/export a supply of steel materials for oil and gas projects, petrochemical and electromechanical projects, and structure steel works.
Good Wood
Good Wood is the Egyptian market leader in producing Block Board Products, with its well-known high-quality criteria.
Good Wood, a leading manufacturer of blockboards, has been in the Egyptian market for 31 years. Throughout its journey, Good Wood was able to use the latest Italian technologies to create innovative products with international standards.
Over the years, Good Wood has accomplished remarkable achievements, including being granted the ISO 9001 certificate, the OHSAS 18001 certificate, and getting the Egyptian quality seal of ‘ proudly made in Egypt ’ in 2016.
Good Wood blockboards are manufactured in its own factories located at New Damietta city and Al Sadat city with a floor space of up to 70,700 square meters and manpower of more than 600 employees.
- Laminated Blockboard.
- Blockboard
- Plywood
- Peeled Veneer.
- Sliced Veneer.
Green Valley - Ahmed ElSallab
Ahmad Elsallab Company: 105 years of development

Ahmed elsallab Company was established in 1912 in Dakahlia Governorate, near Mansoura, to become one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market in the field of sanitary ware, ceramics, and porcelain.

In 1990, Ahmed elsallab’s engineer decided to transfer his works to Cairo by opening an exhibition selling health supplies and tools in Makram Ebeid Street, Nasr City. Success has continued to expand in providing full sets of products at Maadi Showroom, the exhibition whose impressive success has led to the opening of other exhibitions in strategic locations to serve our customers in Cairo and the provinces.
Gulfgas Group
تعد مجموعة الخليج للغازات الصناعية والطبية واحدة من اهم شركات صناعة وتعبئة الغازات فى الشرق الاوسط ولقد بدأت اول انتاجها من الغازات الصناعية فى عام 2007 وبوجد بها الوحدات والامكانيات التالية
وحدة فصل وانتاج الغازات السائلة
وحدة انتاج غاز الاسيتلين
وحدة اسالة النيتروجين
Hesham Helal Elsewedy & Partners for Construction ltd
energya Steel Solutions is a member of energya INDUSTRIES group, which has two steel fabrication entities:

energya Steel Solutions Co., located in 10th of Ramadan City ‐ Egypt,
Hesham Helal El Sewedy & Partners for Steel Industries Ltd., a 100% Saudi Arabian Owned Company, located in Rabigh Saudi Arabia.
energya Steel Solutions is capable to serve the requirements of industrial projects & meet global demands, furnish specialized support to heavy process plants in Egypt, Middle East, GCC countries & Africa.

energya Steel Solutions can provide multiple services, such as: design, supply, fabrication, galvanization, painting, site delivery and erection of structural steel, process steel equipments (plate works), tanks, pressure vessels, stacks, equipments, over head transmission & telecommunication towers, lighting poles, monopoles, distribution poles, grating, preengineering and galvanized steel wires.

energya Steel Solutions is also specialized in the fabrication of process steel cement plants line components, i.e. cyclones of pre‐heater towers, fan casings, kiln sections, ball mills, vertical mills, coolers, bag filters, electrostatic precipitator filters, hoppers, silos, chimney, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, crushers, stackers, re‐claimers, … etc., including the structural steel carrying them and all related machining works.
Hurghada Marina Boulevard
Hurghada Marina has become very well known for its exclusive bars and restaurants, unparalleled choice of designer shops and luxurious holiday apartments surrounding the port.
The Marina Harbor has a capacity for 200 yachts with lengths ranging between 10 to 100 meters. Mega yachts can be moored at the seaward side of the main dock. With its extensive infrastructure that provides every service necessary for the mooring of a wide variety of crafts.
I Network Solutions
iNetwork Solutions is an IT service provider located in Egypt specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining IT network infrastructure targeting Middle East market
Innovera for Education Technology
Transforming the Educational process through an exceptional team in education technology since 2013!
Innovera brings change to the world of education in Egypt and Sudan through the latest technology. We facilitate the educational process for learners and educational institutions through our wide range of products and services.

Nafea Group was established in 1990 as a trading company working in the field of electrical appliances under the Brand name JAC after long time of experience in the local market with a clear vision Nafea Group became an industrial organization, now we provide high-quality products with high technology and affordable prices to meet the wishes and expectations of the consumer LED
KIROVEST Pharmaceuticals
A National Company with International Standards
Kirovest Pharmaceutical Company S.A.E. (“Kirovest”) is an Egyptian Company established in 1999 under the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, with a capital of 500 Million Egyptian pounds. Kirovest’s main business includes development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, of a wide range of human pharmaceutical, cosmetics and animal health products. Kirovest maintains a robust product portofolio that offers a wide range of much needed pharmaceutical therapies and treatments. With a strong product pipeline strategy, Kirovest currently has more than 60 new products at various stages of registration that were carefully selected in order to address many un-met therapeutic needs. Kirovest’s product portofolio and product pipeline will endure further expansions for many years to come andwill continue to play a major role in driving the growth of Kirovest.
Plant facilities
The Company is located in the Industrial zone of El Obour City; about 20 Km from Cairo.
Factory premises
Air conditioned Finished Products store with an area of 5000m3.
Packaging materials 3000m3
Koning Food Industries
2018 marked the establishment of Koning to revolutionise the manufactured food industry by serving premium quality products. Fusing the old-fashioned hardworking ways and ethics, with the latest technological trends and safety precautions. We promise our consumers through our values, expertise, and knowhow to deliver innovative products that meets international standards.
Established in 1998 with its first factory located at Qalyoub City, MAM has since been focusing on providing ultimate satisfaction to all customers through the production of Low Voltage Panels.
At the moment, MAM is operating through two factories:

Qalyoub - producing local panels, cable trays and sound insulation canopies for diesel generators.
Badr - building Schneider standard panels and busbars

Through the years, MAM has established itself as an efficient and reliable partner for different sectors (banking, governmental, construction, retailing, tourism, medical, oil & gas....) with products other than Low Voltage Panels including Medium Voltage products, cable trays, sound insulation canopies for diesel generators and busway systems.
Co-operating with international brand names, MAM has attained the most update technologies and know how to improve its products and services. MAM has never been behind in the acquisition and utilization of modern technologies and machinery. The machines installed in the two factories are mainly from Europe - Italy and Germany.
Proudly, MAM will like to mention that it has been awarded the first certificate in the region from Schneider Electric approving MAM as a qualified panel builder, core component panel builder (Prisma Type Test L and M) as well as a smart panel builder.
MAM is also involved in contracting and supplying to many turnkey projects offering a-z services from medium voltage to electrical wiring devices.
MAM stands for Maximum quality (supported by its team of expertise and skillful engineers and workers) And Minimum cost affordable to all.
MAM is looking forward to extending its products and services to the different sectors in the community; not only those situated in Egypt but to those in the neighboring GCC and African countries.
MAS Masr for Distribution
M.A.S. Egypt was founded in 1990 as a computer sales and service centre, it is also the major distributor of HP Products full range, Lenovo Laptops, Desktops & Tablets, Samsung Printers and Infinix Smart Phones to improve the productivity of the computer systems, focusing objectively on the distribution of the best International Industrial Brands.

M.A.S Egypt competes in the sales of all global products based on effective strategies including high performance repair program, effective marketing conducting all retails & re-sellers channels, customer service and attractive prices, these have proved great success with the largest retail markets, hypermarkets in Egypt.

In GITEX 2008, M.A.S. Egypt was awarded as the best distributor for HP in Egypt & Levant. In GITEX 2012 M.A.S. Egypt was awarded as Best Printing & Personal Systems Distributor in the Middle East. Finally was awarded as The Distributor for Year 2014, 2015 and 2017 in Egypt & Levant.
MYMSA For Agencies and Trade
Since 1983, MYMSA has represented the best manufacturers in the field of laboratory, testing, calibration and measurement equipment exclusively in Egypt and several other countries in Africa and the Middle East. We deliver a complete service package including Consultancy, supply, training, calibration and after-sales services. MYMSA is ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 17025-2017 certified
Maged Mostafa
MB Stone is operating in the business of marble Headquartered in Turkey with long experience and big number of customers over the globe.
Middle East for Industrial Supplies
Middle East for Industrial Supplies is focused on a mission to provide a vast range of bearing products, exceptional technical support, and the highest level of customer service while maintaining an unwavering relationship with our clients.
Misr Capital
Misr Capital was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Banque Misr; a deep-rooted public bank in Egypt and one of the largest financial institutions in Africa since 1920. Throughout the years, Misr Capital has become a leader of the Investment market in Egypt. With our new products, unprecedented ideas, and dominant market share; we step ahead of the crowd.
Natimpo Trading company is a wholesale distributor of mobile accessories in Egypt,And retail ,Where mobile accessories are imported and sold in the local market from more than one country
Nerhadou International
NERHADOU is Ranked among the top 50 leading corporates for 6 consecutive years out of 1200 Pharmaceutical Corporates in Egypt in terms of Market Share of Pharmaceutical Products’ Domestic Sales (2019).
Orcas is a curriculum-based e-learning and tutoring platform backed by careful research, smart technology, and expert educators. 
Our values are shaped by the compassionate and adaptable nature of actual orca whales, who show high emotional and cognitive intelligence levels while working together. Inspired by their progressive social structure, we created a world-class personalized learning experience designed to empower students in school and life.
Pan Gulf Plastics
Pan Gulf Plastics was established in 1979 as a subsidiary of Pan Gulf Group. Pan Gulf Plastics
started its packaging business with the introduction of 50L to 200L drums that were for industrial use;
which was the first of its kind in Africa. Ever since then, Pan Gulf Plastics has been proving its
innovation in the field of packaging.
At the time, the focus was on industrial packaging and poultry products.
Pan Gulf Plastics has a customer base that relies on the innovative packaging solutions for different
industries including food and non-food products.
Pan Marine Shipping
Pan Marine Group is a diversified and independent Egyptian organization that has been doing business in the Egyptian market for over than forty-five years. Our group is ISO certified 9001, 14001, 45001 & 29001 by BV. Our group is a ONE-STOP service provider to our clients in Egypt through the following four companies:

1- Pan Marine Shipping Services
2- Pan Marine Logistics Services
3- Pan Marine Petroleum Services FZ
4- Medkon Lines Egypt S.A.E.----

Our customers are our greatest asset; we aim to provide them with a one-stop service in the most economical way through understanding their needs, solving their problems, and being a supportive consultant.

Pan Marine strives to create valued business relationships all over the world. Our duty and target is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and achieve mutual success by maintaining a high level of environmental management, safety, and quality in all our activities.
Pepsico Egypt
PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $91 billion in net revenue in 2023, driven by a complementary beverage and convenient foods portfolio that includes Lay's, Doritos, Cheetos, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Quaker and SodaStream. PepsiCo's product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including many iconic brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales.
Pharma Misr
PHARMAMISR is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company founded in 2006 (as a brother company of EGD= Egyptian Group for Drug Trading company which founded in1994 as a marketing company) to formulate, register and produce, high quality pharmaceutical products, initially focusing on the Egyptian market, but with a vision of expanding in Middle East.
PHARMAMISR is extending warm hands to receive knowledge, know how, and licenses, in order to use our powerful production, and marketing, capabilities in the Middle East for mutual benefit.
The state of-the-art PHARMAMISR Research & Development Department is the key of our success. It is equipped with advanced research technologies, information resources and databases, and is staffed with experienced, highly qualified pharmacists and chemists, allowing us to enrich our portfolio.
Currently PHARMAMISR has an extensive portfolio of more than 150 products covering a wide range of therapeutic categories.
Pico industrial services
Industrial Services, Construction Equipment, Material Handling, Air compressors, Generators, and Door Systems

- Construction Machinery
- Material Handling Equipment
-Air solutions
-Door systems
Premium Mart
Premium Mart(Supper market 6 Branches )offers a wide range of high quality everyday living items and assorted product range that meets your needs and at your convenience
Professional Business
Professional Business is a leading recruitment agency dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with top companies. With a wealth of expertise in sourcing, screening, and matching candidates, we ensure the perfect fit for every role. Our comprehensive payroll services streamline operations for businesses, freeing them to focus on their core objectives. Trust Professional Business to build strong, efficient teams that drive success in your organization.
RSQUARED HOLDING began its journey in 1980 by the guidance of CEO and Founder Eng.Abdel Raouf Hussein by establishing ECIC (Egyptian Company for Integrated Contracting). ECIC focused on all kinds of infrastructure projects through out Egypt. After a while ECIC concentrated all of its work force on Road construction projects in Egypt, Sudan and Iraq. After the outstanding success and the increasing profits year after year at ECIC, Eng. Abdel Raouf Hussein saw growth potential in the Real Estate sector. In 1990 Skylight for Tourism and Development was established. Skylight bought 500,000 square metres of land by the Red Sea in Ain el Sokhna, which now holds El Wadi Resort and Horizon hotel.

In 2010 Eng. Abdel Raouf saw growth potential in the Agricultural sector in Sudan. Egyment For Agricultural Development was established on a 4000 acres of land in Khartoum, Sudan to produce clover seeds, Mango and Strawberries.

Royal Star
Royal Star For Plastic is one of the leading companies in the plastic industry in Egypt. It was established in 1973 and continued to grow and develop to reach all parts of Egypt and some Arab countries. Our products have diversified among many branches. We have also produced candy boxes in many shapes & sizes. Flints, trills, urinals and others.
Royal Star For Plastics
Royal Star For Plastic is one of the leading companies in the plastic industry in Egypt. It was established in 1973 and continued to grow and develop to reach all parts of Egypt and some Arab countries. Our products have diversified among many branches. We have also produced candy boxes in many shapes & sizes. Flints, trills, urinals and others.
SADKO Trade and Agencies
تأسست مجموعة صادكو عام 1986 على يد المهندس صادق حنّا غبور، الشريك المؤسس فى مجموعة إخوان غبور عام 1961، وهي الشركة الرائدة فى مجال البيع بالتقسيط لمجموعة من المنتجات المتنوعة من الأجهزة المنزلية والكهربائية وسيارات نقل المعدات الزراعية.

استهدف المهندس صادق حنا غبور عند تأسيس صادكو أن تكون الشركة الموزع الرئيسى للصناعات المحلية المصرية وبناءا على ذلك أصبحت صادكو الموزع الوحيد لمنتجات علامة كريازى التى تعد واحدة من رواد صانعى الأجهرة المعمرة عالية الجودة فى السوق المصرى. نحرص على علاقات مثمرة، طويلة الأمد مع عملائنا، وتقديم خدمة ما بعد البيع بكفاءة عالية. مبدأنا في المشاركة هو تبادل نقاط قوتنا؛ للوصول إلى النمو المتبادل. شراكتنا تُبنى دائماً على الكفاءة المهنية، والإنصاف، والإحترام، والثقة.

تؤمن صادكو بأنها جزء من المجتمع لذلك تستهدف خدمة العائلات والبيوت المصرية بكافة مستوياتها و فئاتها فى المدن والتجمعات المختلفة لجعل حياتهم أكثر سهولة وبهجة . لذلك تحرص صادكو على توفير أفضل منتجات من حيث الكفاءة والجودة والحفاظ على البيئة ونظافتها.

وعلى صعيد خدمةالعملاء تمتلك شركة صادكو بالإضافة لموقع البيع الإلكتروني، مجموعة من المعارض للبيع المباشر للمستهلك.تقدم من خلالها خدماتها لأكثر من 40,000 عميل سنويًا فى القاهرة الكبرى والجيزة والأسكندرية والساحل الشمالى إلى مدينة مطروح.
Sakr For Industries
We have a vision to offer high quality competitively priced food to local and international consumers, through supplier partnerships with the best of the best suppliers to produce innovative products that challenge what is expected. We deliver to millions of consumers and retailers across the globe in 70 countries and 26 cities in Egypt.

Our products are all sanitized by automatic clean-in-place (CIP) system; we managed to apply Codex Alimentarius to our entire range of products; which develops a universally accepted standard that protects the health of consumers and ensures fair practice in the food trade. Our factories are ISO-certified and FDA-approved as the only entity in Egypt that produces organic products that are closer to nature than all others.
Samir & Aly Stationery Houses & Co.
The Biggest Stationery houses chain with more than 25 branch all over Egypt, Since 1969 that they import some raw materials and manufacture them in their own factories
includes fields as Engineering tools, Arts tools, School products, Toys, Papers & Office tools.
FMCG "Commodities" a Foodstuff Manufacturing, Packing and Export facility in 6th of October city.
Siraj Lighting
Siraj Lighting Company was founded in 1998 to meet the high expectations of local and international clients, since then we have been the leading representative in Egypt of the most lighting companies in the world.

Ever since it was established, it has been leading the Architectural Lighting Market. We are following the Internal Lighting Standards and are dealing with more than 30 International Lighting Companies. Siraj Lighting Company is well known with its outstanding services all over Egypt.
T-CAP لإدارة المشروعات
T Cap is an investment vehicle established in 2019 with a main focus of investing in income-Generating real estate.T Cap owns more then two hundred thousand meters of gross leasable area diversified across a range of property sectors commercial, administrative, residential, industrial, and warehouse spaces.
ALFA advanced lighting systems bring out the best in your environment and are the ideal lighting solution if you are looking to enhance the ambiance and atmosphere in any room or space. With the freedom to create the perfect lighting scenes for home, business or outdoor environments, ALFA is the obvious choice for those who value quality and confidence of operation.
TEXMAR is one of the leading names in the home textiles manufacturing field
. Cherishing it’s reputation for innovation and quality, it has grown into one of
the Egyptian brands, globally renowned and respected.
Started in Cairo of the swinging seventies by MR.MOHAMED MARDINI, serving
both retail business and hospitality projects business field , since 35 years with
reference of more than 1100 project worldwide. As well as the company certified by
the quality management and assurance system ISO 9001
The Greek Campus
Egypt's leading tech hubs connecting entrepreneurs and innovators since 2013. The GrEEK Campus is Egypt’s first heritage-based technology park. Beyond a workspace, The GrEEK Campus is an integrated ecosystem of spaces bringing together 1,600+ entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, incubators, corporations, government and service providers under one roof to drive homegrown technology and businesses. With two locations - Downtown Cairo and Cairo West, The GrEEK Campus hosts 200+ industry-shaping events yearly and 500+ joint startup training programs, connecting and building the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Tyrepro Egypt
TyrePro Egypt.Co established in 2010 specially to serve Continental brand in Egypt market for the passenger cars, light truck, 4X4 and truck tyres.

TyrePro Egypt.Co committed offers suburb sales and after sales services to our passionate esteemed end-users whom they keen to fit high quality tyres with international honored brand name.

TyrePro Egypt.Co committed to deliver to our end users the best sales and after sales service in professional approaches that complying with international honored reputation of Continental brand and its leading worldwide position in the world-wide tyre manufacturers.

TyrePro Egypt.Co devoted massive investments and through professional and highly equipped qualified sales and after sales technical team, and through authorized dealers network covering the whole geographical territories in Egypt to be at the closest point of contact with our end-users and assuring to their trust and the international reputation of Continental Tires in Egypt market.
WELLA Egypt was established in 1994 with founder walaa hassan

We are specialists in homewear and their all categories ( woman , men , boys , and girls ) and we also made underwares for ( woman and men )

our administrations in zagazig .

we use in our industry best fabrics like cotton and in accesories
Wadi Degla Trading & Engineering Projects - Egypro S.A.E
Wadi Degla Trading (Egypro) was established on 1994 as a subsidiary from Wadi Degla Holding to provide Telecom, Construction, Contracting, Total facility Management and Electromechanical Engineering Services in the Egypt & Africa markets.

Our services portfolio enables our clients to focus on their core business served by a single service provider.

Our range of products & services includes but is not limited to the following:
Data Centers [Design, Build, Operate], AC UPS, DC Rectifiers, Precision Cooling Solutions, Diesel Generators, Telecom Services, , Managed Services, Renovations Projects.
شركة يحيي عابدين

We are family owned well established company since 1969 specialized in PPEs and Firefighting equipment.
We provide :
• QUALITY safety PPEs and fire-fighting equipment
• variety of solutions
• well-known partners’ brands
• Adequate stocks through centralized warehouse
• Distribution network in most famous industrial zones through our 4 branches around Egypt