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OpenBIG Poland
We are OpenERP partner since 2008. We provide complete or partial OpenERP solutions for all customers. We are the most experienced and the earliest OpenERP solution provider in Poland. We are the biggest translation provider for Polish language f...
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LITEX Service Sp. z oo
Litex Service, a part of Lubawa Group specializes in fulfilling ERP needs for manufacturing companies, especially from the textile industry. Our dedicated team with over 10 years of experience in ERP implementation provides solutions for the most complex projects.
OPGK Rzeszów S.A.
OPGK Rzeszow S.A. delivers advanced IT and GIS services.
We are the leader in Poland regarding implementation of IT solutions based on Open Source licenses.

OPGK Rzeszów S.A. dostarcza zaawansowane rozwiązania w obszarach informatyki oraz systemów GIS.
Jesteśmy liderem na rynku pod względem ilości wdrożeń zaawansowanych rozwiązań IT, opartych na licencjach typu Open Source.