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4Sight Technologies Limited
4Sight Technologies Limited Certified v13 Certified v15
4Sight Group is a multidisciplinary group based in Malta and Cyprus with the capacity to provide a plethora of services all related to the IT & Digital sector.

4Sight Group was established in 2007 and to date supports both the private and the public sectors. 4Sight Group operates internationally and supports customers in Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Ireland, UK and Morocco.

Our Mission

Our goal is to support companies in the challenges of Digital Transformation, providing consultative and strategic ...
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Our love for entrepreneurship is the motivator behind Yankho’s very existence. Yankho deriving from the African name meaning “Answer” or “Response”. And what is a business if not an answer to a problem and a response to an opportunity. We create solutions around customer goals by taking a consultative approach. Understanding client needs and converting resources into technology facilitating your business success! Our experience in software solutions, IT, management, sales / marketing and finance ...
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Inspectra Ltd
Inspectra Ltd
We are a full-stack software development house. Timely delivery, uncompromising quality, and transparency of process are our guiding principles. We care deeply about product experience and we're focused on delivering truly world-class software that people love using. We work collaboratively with enterprises, small businesses, and startups to find elegant solutions to prickly problems.
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