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Strategic Dimensions
Strategic Dimensions is a technology consultancy recognised for linking strategy, innovation and technology to solve clients' most complex business issues.
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AP BUSINESS SOFTWARE was founded in 2009 and began by providing outsourced accounting and payroll services. It became an Odoo partner in 2013 and has built its software capabilities over the last 5 years. At present it has completed over 70 Odoo installations ranging from small 5 user systems to systems that touch over 300 users across almost all known Odoo applications as well as bespoke functional design in order to meet the customers unique requirements.

The company employs its own full time implementation teams with no development outsourced to third parties, allowing us to control the quality of the product as well as the speed of deployment.

Visit us at www.ap-accounting.co.za

Contact us: peterd@ap-accounting.co.za or ryanh@ap-accounting.co.za


Business Analysis
A comprehensive analysis of all tailored business requirements will be documented and included in a Functional Specification for approval prior to Development.

Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholder interviews will be conducted as to ensure all Departmental requirements are catered for and included in the final Functional Specification document.

System Design
The Functional Specification document will be utilised for final Front end and User Interface design.

Functional Specification
The Functional Specification Document will capture the operations and activities that ODOO must be able to perform. The document will include; description of data been captured, description of operations performed by each screen, description of workflows performed, description of reports and other outputs, user profiles and access levels.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
A critical and necessary step in the deployment of a new system within a large user audience. This is conducted within a closed intended user group ideally from various departments simulated in a live real world environment.

Deploy Live
The deployment of the system will be project managed in a planned and controlled manor through consultation with key stakeholders.

Support & Maintenance
During implementation period and post live date, we’ll provide a combination of onsite and remote support.

Service Contract
We have the flexibility to specifically structure service contracts that best align with your business.

Silver Partners

SystemWorks is a proudly South African company with over 25 years of Business Systems’ experience. We run projects locally and internationally. Our Professional Services team runs every project and oversees our Technical Teams. Every project, big or small, running for a week or years, gets the benefit of a complete project team.
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ERP Web Solutions (Pty) Ltd
To effectively implement Odoo, the services of an experienced capable
partner will ensure a successful outcome. We have implemented
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Ready Partners

Open Revolution
Open Revolution is fanatical about providing solutions that empower businesses to become more efficient, effective and profitable. For the past 7 years, we've been assisting clients to get the most out of Odoo..
Deep Dive Data
Use engineering principles to determine the key business trigger points and simplify complex problems with innovation and technology.
I-Soft Solutions
We are a certified OpenERP partner with over 30 years experience in ERP systems. We provide latest technology Cloud-based IT solutions using a modular approach on a fully integrated business platform across accounting and many vertical markets.
Paradigm Digital (Pty) Ltd
South African Odoo Specialists and Mobile App development agency. With implementations across industries specializing in B2B & B2C Retail, e-Commerce, Logistics, and Manufacturing.
Rockettree (Pty) Ltd
Rockettree system engineers are experts in designing efficient business processes that meet customer and regulatory requirements according to internationally recognized standards.
At Sencha ERP Solutions, we are 100% passionate and dedicated to customers wanting to optimize their Value Chain using the Odoo ERP System. Our team of specialists provides one of the highest quality advice and support to entities on-site.

We provide all you need in a business system. With easy, flexible and user friendliness, Odoo covers all of the company's business areas - from finance and sales to CRM, project management, production, purchasing, HR and much more.

Contact us today and find out how Sencha ERP Solutions can optimize your business using Odoo. One of our consultants
will contact you for further details.
The IT Team
The-IT-TEAM is a team of Business Consultants using experience and a variety of techniques to understand and analyse your business needs and requirements to find the best software solution for your company.
We always try to find the best solution for our clients through our innovative thinking and use of the best technologies.
We have 30+ years of experience in the information technology space and use this experience to your advantage.