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Gold Partners

Elico Corporation
Best Odoo Partner 2014 for Asia Pacific - Odoo Gold Partner and Odoo Training Center - Active Member of the Odoo Community Association.

Odoo亚太地区最佳合作伙伴 - Odoo金牌合作伙伴与Odoo培训中心 - Odoo社区协会活跃成员
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Falinwa Limited
Falinwa, located in Shenzhen, is a consulting firm with expertise in Finance, Information System, and Business Intelligence. We are OdooGolden partner in China and chosen as Top Three Best Starter 2014 on Asia Pacific. Our strength is to well understand your business model and your job in order to propose an adapted ERP solution at a competitive cost.

Our service are:
1. Odoo Service:
• Odoo Integration - Develop a customized and powerful ERP solution for the management of all your departments’ data.
• Odoo Migration.
• Training to end user.
• Odoo Cloud service.
2. Outsourced CFO / CIO
Financial reporting and KPI for an easy decision making process.
3. Outsourced financial task force: Set-up of business plan, Zero Budget, Company Valuation, Audits on internal controlling.
4. All-included administrative and financial support package:
• Setting-up: support for getting the relevant business license and meeting the associated administrative PRC requirements.
• Management: definition and implementation of procedures, proposal on the company organization.
• Finance: bookkeeping, tax declaration, financial reporting and key indicators.
• Decisional Information System: set-up of server, network, implementation of a customized data management system (Odoo, Excel).
• Human Resources: recruitment, payroll management.


1. Odoo实施管理:提供安装,培训,云托管,维护等一系列的ERP服务
2. 财务外包:推行一种灵活的、自定义的数据管理系统,出具专业的财务报告, 关键业绩指标,使得公司的管理层更好的做决策
3. 金融工作团队外包:提供企业商业计划,预算,企业评估,内审等服务
4. 行政管理和财务支持
5. 代办营业执照,报税,记账
6. 服务器和网络维护
7. 招聘,工资管理
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Silver Partners

Beijing Luyuantong system integration Co.Ltd.

Beijing Luyuantong System integration Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, the registered capital of 10 million yuan,which is a company based on the Chinese market, open source software solutions and technical service providers,Mainly for large and medium enterprises to provide open source management software installation of the relevant consulting and implementation services.
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Founded by veteran in business and IT consultant professionals with deep expertise in enterprise application, esp. ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence, as well as the mobile, cloud experiences. Our strength is to help you, especially small and medium enterprise to iliminate the technical barriers and leverage the latest best of breed solution to empower to business transformation with affordable cost.
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Shanghai Open Stone IT Co, LTD.

Open Stone is committed to deliver a complete integrated bus...
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Ready Partners

OS Consulting Group Limited
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Shenzhen Eweigu Technologies Co., Ltd.

As a new generation of software service supplier, Eweigu focuses on enterprise-level cloud solutions. We devote ourselves to providing total solutions of Social Customer/Consumer Experience for medium-sized and small business, and we achieve this through helping our customers to integrate their internal operations, external partners’ cooperation and client management. Because of the strong expertise in Cloud Host, Odoo Clouds Service and WeChat 3rd Party Platforms, we are able to offer customized service design and implementation plan to well meet different customers' requirements. Now we have customers all over the following areas, Government Public Services, Food Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution Industry, Catering, Beauty Care, etc.
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阿里泰立足新加坡,致力于提供个性化在线管理方案, 帮助客户提高生产率、节省时间和成本、提高客户满意度以及增强企业竞争力。
ALITEC is a dedicated IT solution provider base in Singapore and China. As an official partner of Odoo, We help organisations to improve and adapt their key business processes by using advanced Information Technology. Alitec is working with talented team while delivering high-quality business application to the customer. The focus of our company is to deal with and overcome various business challenges through exact internal activities, research and solutions. We are providing an unique strong-willed benefit, we offer advanced services through effective solutions, best business practices and cutting-edge technologies. Our Company is supported by experts with deep industrial knowledge and experience in various business lines.
Our Vision:
ALITEC aspires to become one of leading creative ERP solution provider in Singapore and Asia-pacific market.
Our Mission:
ALITEC strives to create and develop highly effective Online Management Systems (OMS) for enterprises to save time & cost to boost productivity to increase customer satisfaction and enhence competitiveness.
Our Core Value:
Enjoy limited life through creating unlimited values for the world.
Chengdu City Fu Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
成都市富生实业有限公司(Chengdu City Fu Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.)经过15年的发展,现业务范围包括:印刷、包装业务,政府扶持资金申报咨询、电子商务技术咨询,及红心猕猴桃种植业务。2015年1月成立电子信息事业部,专注信息技术领域的软硬件开发,Odoo实施、二次开发及培训。公司地址:成都市高新区新园南一路1号附1号。

Chengdu City Fu Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to deliver a complete integrated business solution to fulfill your business requirements and meet your ever changing needs. Fu Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd partners with Odoo to build a feature rich, extensible and cost-effective system for small and medium sized businesses. We accumulated much project experiences in e-commerce, mechanics, off-set printing, and real-estate management, etc. For more info, please visit our website:www.zeeq.cn .
Dalian Nineteenth Data Process Group Network Technology Co., Ltd.
19DPG Founded in 2015, it was the originated based on a simple perceptions, is the rapid development of information technology in the world will not only revolutionize the way human existence, will eventually change the way organizations exist in the information world. After years, 19DPG core team members through the transformation of enterprise information from 0-­1,for 15 years, we are on top of the wave of enterprise information, we have experienced several major enterprise information and innovative ideas to upgrade. When to today, from the fact, the majority of organizations have not adapted to this kind of information in the world to change the corporate organization requirements, enterprise information also travels on the road from 1­-9 evolving. 19DPG objective is clear, to help change the corporate organization to enable it to adapt to today and for the foreseeable future in the world of information technology organization agile, efficient and adaptable with operational needs. With powerful, easy to use, integrated and highly modular odoo enterprise application architecture to help organizations complete the evolution from 1-­9. Enterprise information technology perfect, is almost impossible to reach the goal, we live in a finite world, but 19DPG infinite possibilities to give an almost perfect, enterprise information on the road, we are on your side.


19DPG成立于2015年,它的发端基于一个简单的认知,处于高速发展的信息化世界不但彻底改变人的存在方式,也终将改变企业组织于信息世界中的存在方式。经年以来,19DPG核心的团队成员历经了企业信息化从0到1的蜕变,想来已有15年时间,15年间,我们处于企业信息化的浪头之上,经历了企业信息化数次重大的观念升级与创新。时至今日,从事实上来看,多数企业组织还没有适应这种信息化世界对企业组织要求的改变,企业信息化还行进在从1到9不断演进的路上。 19DPG的目标非常明确,帮助企业组织改变,以使其能够适应当今及可预见未来信息化世界对企业组织敏捷、高效并具备强适应性的运作需要。凭借强大的,易于使用的,集成及高度模组化的odoo企业应用架构,帮助企业组织完成从1到9的演进。企业信息化的十全十美,是几乎无法达成的目标,我们生活在一个有限的世界里,但19DPG会给一个无限的可能性去趋近完美,企业信息化在路上,我们就在你身边。
Guangzhou HPCTek Technology Inc.

Jiaming Software Co.,Ltd.
Qingdao Oudu Software Co.,Ltd
青岛欧度软件技术有限公司是Odoo(原OpenERP)在中国山东地区唯一一家合作伙伴。主要为大中小企业提供开源管理软件安装的相关咨询服务。公司产品覆盖范围广,从现成的ERP模块包到为各种生产制造或服务型企业量身定作的ERP安装实施,旨在帮助客户快速有效启动他们的业务。 成功安装实施Odoo的关键在于如何将专业IT知识,公司业务流程分析及跨文化管理巧妙融合。青岛雨水软件具有丰富行业经验: 了解客户公司现有业务流,结合客户公司服务范围,我们的IT经验及供应链来设计合适解决方案。 从那里,我们将带领您到一个完整的Odoo工作的解决方案,包括服务器设置,数据迁移或流程定制。 此外,我们提供您的员工技术和功能培训,以便顺利传授Odoo使用和操作方法。
SQT information Software Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Jiudao InformationTechnology Co.Ltd
Shanghai eXcec Business Consulting
We provide management support and consulting especially focused on foreign companies having or starting operations in China (we are European managed ourselves) since 2004. One of our key services is realizing integrated OpenERP installations as...
Shenzhen Ziranyidu Technology Co., Ltd.
深圳自然一度科技有限公司(技术官网:www.ziranyidu.com.cn,注册商标:自然一度)位于深圳宝安智谷,在辽宁葫芦岛有辽宁方得技术有限公司。自然一度科技专注于国内以及国外大型电子商务平台系统和跨境进口企业全渠道IT解决方案的研究与开发。目前业务主要涵盖了B2C/B2B2C商城、WAP/微商城、APP、ERP系统、ERP、DRP系统、WMS仓储管理、顾问外包、实施及相关软件开发,以及数据分析和安全维护、Webpos(未来POS品牌)解决方案。 我们拥有一支由国内知名电商实战运营人员与电商软件资深开发人员共同组成的经验丰富的咨询、实施和研发团队,致力于为大型电子商务系统、跨境进口企业提供专业的、可交付的系统实施咨询及客户化开发服务,满足企业对信息系统的需求,帮助商家从系统中获益。 我们帮助传统中大型企业在未来立于不败之地 ,提供中大型电商平台个性开发,门店互联网“+”一体化集成服务。目前业务主要涵盖了B2C/B2B2C商城、WAP/微商城、APP、ERP系统、DRP系统、WMS仓储管理、顾问外包、实施及相关软件开发,以及数据分析和安全维护、双店云pos(未来POS品牌)解决方案。 我们的团队核心成员来自华为、联想、360、腾讯、一号店、商派等知名公司,拥有丰富的技术开发、电商运营和实战经验,联想,VIVO,深圳猫、保税国际、昌盛医药、乡亲大药房、嗨购、中大门、厨之星、比亚迪SWIMALL、中梦集团等都是我们的客户,我们已经累计服务中大型企业超百家。已经形成独特的以技术为基础,运营为核心,全面实用创新型门店、网店双店云系统解决方案和M2O等软件产品的商业模式。 我们企业的价值观是崇尚互联网商业,人人共享!我们公司实行以现有产品和技术为依托,牢固树立科技型企业形象,开展以客户为中心,建立以技术为客户创造价值的战略和以人人共享为主旨的发展战略,始终站在共创双赢的立场,围绕为客户创造价值来做产品。 为什么选择我们优势技术能力保障

—— 拥有一支由专业研发人员和技术人员组成的团队(原华为,原360安全核心员工)5年以上的专业设计研发技术实力。电子商务解决方案
—— 针对每个行业的整套解决方案,为客户持续创造价值的丰富案例。丰富的项目经验
—— 服务过百家企业,涉及不同行业有着丰富的大型项目的设计,实施,开发,管理经验。专业的售后保障
—— 第一时间响应并解决客户遇到的技术性问题。
Shine IT Co.,Ltd.
Shine IT is a dynamic and fast growing company committed to providing business solutions using a range of Free and Open Source Solutions (FOSS) implemented by a team of highly skilled workforce comprising of technical domains and business experts...