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Odoo Documents allows you to manage files online from a single place: no more scanning contracts, manual bill recording, or long approval processes.

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One single paperless platform. With Odoo document management system, finding your documents is easier than ever before. Enjoy automatic dispatch, digitalization, and automated actions.

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Make the most of your time. Don't waste time printing and scanning documents when you can just sign online.

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Everything is where you need it, instantly available. All documents are categorized per workspace. By assigning tags, you will never lose track of them again. It's time to clear your mind and your desktop.

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Share files with expiration dates and communicate with colleagues, customers, and vendors all in one place so that you can access critical information at any time.

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Time-saving tool

Use the interactive calculator below to estimate the number of manual document-related tasks you or your employees do each month.

How many documents (contracts/NDA's) are signed?
How many times people have to search for a document?
How many times people have to request a document?
How many bills are recorded?
How many people are hired?
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Without Odoo Documents:
45.2 hours
With Odoo Documents:
4.3 hours
time saved
How does this calculator work?
Without Odoo Documents
Ask clients for contract information (address, names, …) 2 min
Draft contracts with client info based on templates 4 min
Send contracts to be signed by clients 2 min
Received signed contracts & print them 5 min
Find the CEO or a Manager to sign 5 min
CEO/Manager interruption 10 min
Scan signed contract by both parties 5 min
Send contract to both parties 1 min
Archive 1 min

Tot: 33 min
With Odoo Documents
Send template to the Client & the Manager 1 min
The client enters their own data and signs 0 sec
Manager signs electronically in one click 1 min
Everyone gets a copy, document is indexed and stored 0 sec
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -

Tot: 2 min
Before Odoo Documents
While recording a payment, the accountant is missing a receipt 30 sec
Send an email to ask for the receipt, set a todo for the follow-up 60 sec
2 weeks later, send a reminder to get the receipt 30 sec
Employee sends a photo of the receipt by email 60 sec
Once the bill is received, reopen accounting software to record the expense 120 sec
Store the receipt in DMS or print it 0 sec
Find the payment to reconcile it with the missing receipt 90 sec

Tot: 390 sec
After Odoo Documents
Send a “missing document” request on Receipt 2018/0021 20 sec
Follow-ups are automated 0 sec
Employee uploads a photo of the bill 60 sec
Receipt is processed automatically (AI) and stored at the right place 0 sec
Accountant can validate and reconcile receipts in batches 20 sec
- -
- -

Tot: 100 sec
Before Odoo Documents
Interrupt your current task to get a logo you need
60 sec
Send an email to your designer 65 sec
Designer sends the logo to you 70 sec
1 day later: read the reply, download the logo, continue your task 60 sec

Tot: 225 sec
After Odoo Documents
Locate the file in Odoo Documents 30 sec
- -
- -
- -

Tot: 30 sec
Before Odoo Documents
Record 50 Bills Manually 37 min
Request verification/validation for 10 bills (scan, send by email, wait for a reply) 22 min
Store and index bills 3 min
- -
- -

Tot: 62 min
After Odoo Documents
Scan 30 paper bills 2 min
Email gateway process 20 bills for you 0 sec
AI process all bills for you 0 sec
Validation of 50 bills that are pre-recorded 7 min
Request verification for 10 bills (in one click, with automated follow-ups) 3 min

Tot: 12 min
Before Odoo Documents
Ask the applicant for information (SSN, first day of work, etc.) 6 min
Prepare employment contract, save as PDF, send to the applicant 15 min
Receive signed version from the applicant, answer the email, print it 5 min
Go to the Manager's office, interrupt him (2x), request a signature 15 min
Record the contract.Scan document signed by both, send to applicant, upload in DMS 3 min
Send fully signed contract to the payroll company 1 min
First day: meeting to read company policies, print, scan signed docs 35 min

Tot: 78 min
After Odoo Documents
Click "Send Offer" based on a template 20 sec
Applicant reviews, enters information and signs the offer 0 sec
Manager signs the document 45 sec
Click “Send company policies” 10 sec
- -
- -
- -

Tot: 75 sec

All the features
done right.

Split PDFs

Split multi-pages PDFs into several documents in one click, and treat them separately. Super handy when you deal with batches of documents.


Artificial intelligence (AI Bill)

Capture data from PDFs or images to encode vendor bills automatically.

Missing documents

Send requests, follow-up missing documents and automate reminders.

Automate your work flow

Eliminate manual tasks with automated actions such as the creation of tasks, expenses and vendor bills.

Request signature

Sign documents, or request signatures in just a few clicks.


Create it from the app or work with all the spreadsheets created in other applications.

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