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Discuss App

Odoo Discuss: a fully integrated communication hub

Discuss App

Direct messaging, WhatsApp, livechat, voice calls, and video calls – all at your fingertips.

Create message channels to reach the masses

Keep everyone on the same page by communicating announcements, meeting minutes and much more.

Discuss App

Odoo Discuss is integrated throughout all the Odoo apps

Communication with every. single. Odoo app.

Discuss App

The Discuss app is the central communications hub in Odoo!

Private DMs with group collaboration on ever-single-Odoo-app, making team communications streamlined for the user.

Instant messaging between coworkers in real-time while you work through that complicated manufacturing order in the Odoo Manufacturing app.

Discuss App

Video meetings for internal and external users!

Discuss App

Video chat with your customers right from the meeting invite in the Odoo Calendar app.

Experience high-definition, quality video conferencing with users and customers around the world to land that big whale of a sale in the Odoo Sales app.

#Message_channels for targeted group communications!

Departmental broadcasts on the new espresso machine and company-wide dispatches about that new star product or service that was released, have never been more efficient. Operational leads and managers can effortlessly subscribe groups and departments to channels from the Discuss Channel Dashboard.

Discuss App

Notifications all in one place

Discuss App

Discuss is home to all system notifications in Odoo. Readily scan your Odoo sales or purchase order responses, all from one inbox dashboard.


Effective communication drives business success

Collaborate instantly with colleagues and clients with Odoo Discuss. Add team members to group DMs, video chats, and channels to manage projects as they grow!

Discuss App

All the features
done right.

Direct messages

Private - direct message chats.

Channel communication

Broad and focused messaging channels (customizable).

Video conferencing

Video chats with two or more people.


WhatsApp integration, with access to messaging the same as direct messaging.

Voice lines

Voice channels to internal users.


Notifications inbox/dashboard providing a bird’s eye view of followed actions.

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Not only is Bria Homes able to close deals faster but also communicate among themselves more efficiently through Odoo’s messaging and notes features.

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Bria Homes
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