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E-Global SCM solutions Sdn Bhd
E-Global SCM solutions Sdn Bhd   is Malaysian Company incorporated under
Company Act 1965 which has its presence as E-global IT Solutions in
Singapore as its IT division.
We are passionate in promoting open source technologies and have
Onnet Consulting Sdn Bhd
Since founded in 1998, Onnet has just one mission: To help local Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) succeed financially through the use of internet technology. We have always been a strong believer of Open Source technology as it bring unprecedented productivity value to enterprises of any size without the hefty cost of proprietary softwares.
Port Cities - Malaysia
Founded in 1997, Port Cities offers a range or IT Solutions and Management Consulting services.

We understand International Trade, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing and e-Commerce in a local Asian context and can support it with “best in class” products and services in Greater China and South East Asia.

With over 50 full-time Odoo consultants in South East Asia we deliver:
-Complete ERP covering Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Trade and Logistics
-Capacity & Material Planning for Manufacturing and Supply Chain
-Collaboration and workflow for product development & merchandising
-Price List management, electronic catalogs and order taking
-Sales Forecast and Procurement Schedule
-Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Campaigns
-E-commerce and Point of Sale
-Financial and Analytic Accounting
-Business Intelligence and Reporting
-Document Management
Precomp (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Precision Computer (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd founded in 2000, main activities are to design and develop a wide range of commercial software solutions including:
1. Warehouse Management System (WMS)
2. E-Commerce Platform
3. Manufacture Automation platform
4. Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software
5. Accounting and Finance Software
6. Retail Point of Sales System (POS)
7. Events ticketing System
8. Online Booking System
9. Apple and Androids Mobile Application
10. Document Management System (DMS)
11. VPS and Virtualization Hardware Automation

Currently we have customers based in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai(UAE), Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.
We are continuing to grow with the excellent consistency and service level that we provide to our worldwide clients. We are creative and innovative, but perhaps most importantly, we put you, the client, first