Odoo Online database management

To manage a database, go to the database manager and sign in as the database administrator.

All the main database management options are available by clicking the database name, except the upgrade option, which can be accessed by clicking the arrow in a circle icon next to the database name. It is only displayed if an upgrade is available.

Accessing the database management options


Trigger a database upgrade.


For more information about the upgrade process, check out the Odoo Online upgrade documentation.


Create an exact copy of the database, which can be used to perform testing without compromising daily operations.


  • By checking For testing purposes, all external actions (emails, payments, delivery orders, etc.) are disabled by default on the duplicated database.

  • Duplicated databases expire automatically after 15 days.


重命名数据库及其 URL。


Download a ZIP file containing a backup of the database.


Databases are backed up daily as per the Odoo Cloud Hosting SLA.


Use a custom domain name to access the database via another URL.


Add tags to easily identify and sort your databases.


You can search for tags in the search bar.




Deleting a database means that all data is permanently lost. The deletion is instant and applies to all users. It is recommended to create a backup of the database before deleting it.

Carefully read the warning message and only proceed if the implications of deleting a database are fully understood.

The warning message displayed before deleting a database


  • 只有管理员才能删除数据库。

  • The database name is immediately made available to anyone.

  • Deleting a database if it has expired or is linked to a subscription is impossible. In that case, contact Odoo Support.


Access the Odoo.com support page with the database’s details already pre-filled.

Invite / remove users

To invite users, fill out the new user’s email address and click Invite. To add multiple users, click Add more users.

Inviting a user on a database

To remove users, select them and click Remove.