Quotation deadlines

In the Odoo Sales application, it is possible to set deadlines on sales quotations. Doing so encourages customers to act quickly during sales negotiations, for they might fear for missing out on a good deal. As well, deadlines also can also act as protection for a company in case an order has to be fulfilled at a price that is no longer profitable for the business.

Expiration date deadlines

On an Odoo Sales quotation, add an expiration date in the Expiration field located at the top of the quotation or sales order form.

To add an expiration date to a quotation, navigate to Sales app, and select a desired quotation, or create a new one by clicking Create.

On the quotation form, click Edit (if modifying a pre-existing quotation), and click the Expiration field. Doing so reveals a drop-down calendar, in which the month and date can be designated as the expiration date of the quotation.

How to configure deadlines on Odoo Sales.

Once the expiration date is selected, click Save to save all changes.

Deadlines in quotation templates

The Odoo Sales application also makes it possible to add a deadline to every quotation template. Whenever a specific quotation template is used in a quote, its associated deadline is automatically applied.

To add a deadline to a quotation template, navigate to Sales app ‣ Configuration ‣ Quotation Templates, and either select the desired quotation template to which a deadline should be added, or click Create to build a new quotation template from scratch.

On the quotation template detail page, click the Edit button to edit the quotation.

Then, add a specific number of days to the Quotation expires after field, located beneath the quotation template name. The number of days represents how long the quotation will be valid for, before it expires. When done, click Save.

How to use deadline in a quotation template on Odoo Sales.


By clicking the Customer Preview button on a quotation, Odoo clearly displays when that specific offer expires. As a reminder, the number of days is the same as those mentioned in the quotation template (if a quotation template was used for the initial quotation).

How customers will see deadlines on Odoo Sales.